A patient tracking system that provides near real-time updates to physicians, staff and family

How much time and efficiency is sacrificed by maintaining an manual whiteboard for hospital patient tracking? Communication and patient flow are optimized throughout the perioperative process, with intelligent web-based patient tracking, while providing proactive notifications, to ensure patients move efficiently through the OR. Clinicians and patient’s loved ones all benefit from SmarTrack Next with near real-time updates and consistent communication helping to improve patient satisfaction.

Eliminate your manual whiteboard

  • Enhanced staff assignment functionality that will facilitate ease with drag and drop capabilities
  • Helps to improve efficiency in the OR by reducing the amount of time required to manage and assign staff to rooms and/or cases

Patient experience and patient/family Satisfaction

  • Family members can stay in the waiting room or leave the hospital and still receive updates on the activity of their loved one at the time of care via the family status board, text/email notifications or Family Portal

Physician notifications

  • Provides a mobile application for surgeons and anesthesia to stay up to date with push notifications about changes in their schedules and look into the details of their cases all from one place

Integrated documentation improves productivity and compliance

  • Reduce phone calls by providing accurate patient and resource information at the point of care
  • Seamless integration with the scheduling and documentation portions of Picis surgery scheduling software, making updates to SmarTrack when case record information has been documented for items, such as patient in OR room time or patient in PACU time