The Picis HealthCheck service is tailored to empower healthcare staff with the latest insights and optimize their knowledge of Picis software for maximum efficiency and success.

Our HealthCheck service involves a comprehensive on-site assessment conducted by our experienced process consultants. During this assessment, consultants will analyze the use of Picis within each department, address any questions, and provide best practices.

The assessment is structured over 3 days, ideally on Tuesdays through Wednesdays of an agreed-upon week, to minimize disruption to your operations

How it Works


Before the HealthCheck, we will provide an agenda that includes dedicated sessions for the various teams utilizing Picis.  We encourage teams to note any questions, frustrations, or inefficiencies they are experiencing with their Picis solution.

Day 1—Assessment and Recommendations:

On the first day, our Picis team will report to the boardroom and connect to healthcare’s Picis environment. Hospital teams will join their respective sessions to walk through their process relating to Picis and their roles in the OR. Based on those discussions, Process Consultant will make recommendations in real-time, providing end users with quick wins.

Day 2 - Review and Training Preparation:

The HealthCheck will complete on Day 2 and the Picis team will review its findings and prepare curriculum for Day 3.

Day 3 - Custom Training:

Based on the HealthCheck findings, onsite customized training will be conducted. A return visit is scheduled with the healthcare leadership team to review the HealthCheck Recommendations Report. 

Unlock the full potential of Picis and empower your organization to thrive and succeed.

Actionable Insights:

Receive quick wins, expert recommendations, and comprehensive reports outlining actionable steps for your team to implement immediately.
Picis will present the HealthCheck Report to hospital leadership to discuss and prioritize recommendations based on the hospital’s goals and budget

Tailored Training:

Benefit from personalized telephone training sessions and customized solutions designed to address your specific needs.

Strategic Guidance:

With support from our team, discover opportunities for your facility to enhance its operations, leveraging Picis products and services.

Collaborative Partnership:

Engage in a collaborative journey with our seasoned consultants, who work closely with you to achieve your goals effectively.

All of the above services are performed on-site.