Introducing PASS

We understand your challenges, so we’ve developed PASS—a solution designed to simplify your experience. PASS empowers you to overcome budgetary constraints and ensures seamless access to Picis expertise by providing a block of pre-purchased credits.

Key Benefits of PASS

Streamlined Approval Process

Say goodbye to the lengthy budgetary approval process. With PASS, you can bypass the hassles and immediately enhance your hospital's operations.

Easier Access to Picis Experts

With PASS, you can gain and plan access to Picis experts, enabling you to tackle challenges efficiently and effectively. Increased peace of mind knowing you have a reliable resource. No more frustrations or delays — PASS ensures you're always prepared to address essential projects and tasks.

Proactive Approach and Training

Invest in your team's development with PASS. Use your credits for essential training to keep your team updated with the latest practices and technologies and take proactive steps to optimize hospital operations and anticipate future needs, all without budget constraints.

Unlock the full potential of your PASS credits by entrusting us with these crucial tasks

Report Writing

Free up your valuable time and focus on your core responsibilities while we take care of report writing for you.

Private Consultation Sessions

Schedule a consultation with our expert to explore process optimization, best practices, configurations and more.

After-Hours Assistance

There is no need to worry about system changes after regular business hours—use your PASS credits for seamless support. Please note that after-hours support requires two credits per hour.

Remote Training

Utilize your credits for comprehensive three to four-hour remote/online training sessions tailored to specific topics of interest.

Half-Day Remote Training

Premium and Elite PASS holders, make the most of PASS with the inclusion of half-day remote training sessions led by a process consultant. These sessions are designed to elevate your understanding of Picis solutions at your site and can be utilized for Onboarding or refresher training.

Copy Down

Ensure that your TEST environment reflects configuration changes by utilizing your included Copy Down, recommended at least once a year.

Database Checkup

If you lack a Database Administrator, our database checkup service will thoroughly analyze your system and provide recommendations for enhancing its efficiency.

Choose the PASS package that's right for you




Service Credits:




Sample uses for Service Credits:

Report Writing

Private Consultant Sessions

After-Hours Assistance

Remote Training

Include Add-on Services:

Copy Down

Database Checkup

Custom Training Sessions (Half-Day)



How it works


Contact Picis to request a service.

(We may require two weeks’ notice)


We'll give you an estimate of the required credits to perform the work, for your approval.


Get ready to knock down your to-do list!