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Unify Your Data for Seamless Information Sharing

We understand that high-quality care starts with access to critical patient data. We’ve created clinical software that allows information to be shared securely and easily while ensuring a patient’s progress is automatically tracked and documented from one high-acuity area to another.

With all the data you need in one place, you can provide the best possible care and help improve patient outcomes.

Unaccessible Data Shouldn’t Compromise Patient Care

Patient care is at the center of everything you do. Our clinical software offers a seamless, single documentation solution that enables information sharing to drive process improvements and help clinicians improve patient care.

Continuity of clinical documentation saves time and reduces the risk of communication errors when transferring patients between care areas or clinicians. At the same time, it supports quality assurance efforts since the impact of an event in the OR and PACU can often be seen as an outcome in the ICU.

Clinical Software Made for Clinicians, by Clinicians

We understand how frustrating and helpless you can feel when you don’t have all the information you need to make critical care decisions for your patients.

Our clinical information system suite enables seamless information sharing across the continuum of care to aid clinicians in providing for positive patient outcomes that are worth publishing and sharing.

Our Products

Pre Op Manager

A preoperative clinical decision support solution that completely automates the preop checklist process.

Anesthesia Manager

Provide complete documentation support for the anesthesia team through direct connectivity to more than 400 unique medical devices.

PACU Manager

Bring automation from the OR to the PACU, enabling nurses and anesthesia teams to better document and manage complex post-surgical regimens.

Critical Care Manager

Proven connectivity to capture thousands of data points for your most critical patients.


Converting paper snapshots into electronic documentation helping to enhance the contiguous patient record.


Rules-based notifications to help identify warning signs of changes in patient health.


Plug directly into your HIS system and get data you can act on from reports that write themselves.
"We chose Picis because of the wide range of functionalities it covers, the technological innovations of its platform and its capabilities to integrate with our central hospital information system."
Francisco Ramón García Lombardía | Chief Information Officer, Fuenlabrada University Hospital

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