Automated post-anesthesia clinical documentation

Manual documentation and charting take valuable time away from patient care. Automated data displays information supports workflows and helps identify patterns in data for one continuous patient record.

Picis PACU Manager’s platform allows efficient patient documentation of assessments, scores, treatments and other physiological variables that support clinical workflow, add to the patients’ living record and helps care providers respond to patterns in data. PACU Manager makes clinicians an integral part of the patient journey by helping clinicians spend less time charting and more time on direct patient care.

Key features:

  • Utilize or edit treatment documentation, standard scores and assessment findings, including care documentation prompting
  • Fluid management populated by device data
  • Dynamically generate operational and quality reports
  • Configure screen layouts, data presentation and reports to meet the needs of any specialized care delivery requirement
  • Utilize forms builder for customizable clinical printouts, including demographic and medication data
  • Collect patient information from PACU monitors, ventilators, laboratory systems, hospital information systems (HIS) and other medical devices

Support for patient care documentation standards

  • Access to standard care protocols—including key assessments, treatments, scores, laboratory results and medications
  • Establish procedure-based recovery protocols that prompt staff to document necessary assessments, interventions, and requirements throughout the PACU stay
  • Increase compliance with regulatory requirements and minimize liability exposure with problem-oriented charting, nursing practice guideline or nursing diagnosis format and opt to chart by exception

Clear visibility to fluids and medications

  • Automatically records and displays fluids and medications documentation
  • Integrates with intravenous (IV) pumps helping to provide near real-time information for informed decision making
  • Correlate hemodynamic parameters with medication administration