A living patient record, with seamless interoperability with VistA/CPRS and CIS/ARK systems, is paramount to providing high-quality veteran patient care. OR Manager prepares you for, captures, and makes accessible every facet of the perioperative process, so your team can focus on their jobs.

Get peace of mind with built-in tissue and implant tracking for regulatory compliance

  • Knowing your documentation is readily available and documented appropriately when a regulatory surveyor walks into your OR
  • Less complex tracking—you don’t need a tissue tracking system you have it all in one place—all at your fingertips
  • In the event of a recall know that you can easily obtain a list of patients with the given tissue or implant

Picis empowers customers to meet ever-changing needs at no additional cost

  • Empower hospital staff to make the OR scheduling software their own—make changes when they need/want to without vendor involvement/cost
  • If you need to add a field, add a field—it's that simple
  • Take control of your system—add equipment, meds, allergies, etc. into the system on your own

The right supplies for the right patient at the right time, every time—automatically.

  • Make sure the doctor has the right supplies when he/she steps into the OR
  • Intuitive and powerful preference/pick cards—the preference/pick card is selected automatically when the surgeon and procedure are added to the surgery scheduling software

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