Professional Services Team

Built with Registered Nurses and former perioperative services staff members, the Picis professional services team brings a wealth of knowledge to our customers’ facilities. With over 85 years of combined nursing experience and over 60 years of combined Picis applications experience, our team is comfortable working side-by-side with nurses and doctors. As former Picis end-users, the trainers and support team understand the system from the customer perspective—they’ve been a customer, just like you. The professional services team is dynamic, making you their top priority—when you talk to one of them, you talk to all of them.



Ensure your facility is taking full advantage of the system’s capability to run an efficient perioperative department. A HealthCheck is an onsite visit for current Picis clients to review your utilization and build of the Picis software and current perioperative processes, at NO COST to your hospital.

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Byte Size Training

Byte size training will provide all attendees with a focused agenda on those topics specific to their role.  During the sessions, we will introduce and continually emphasize the role specific concepts for working within the Picis system.  The direction and delivery of the course content will also focus on how attendees can better navigate, document and provide support within their respective Picis environment.

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