Anesthesia Manager

Our device integration allows quick reference to accurate historical
data allowing staff to make informed decisions and use
time savings to concentrate on patient care.

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Tracking patients just got easier

Leverage a tool that helps improve communication with patients, their loved ones and your surgical staff, throughout the perioperative journey.

Picis Solutions for Veteran Affairs

VA facilities can benefit from software that helps provide more efficient processes on their pathway to becoming high-performance organizations.

Picis Partnerships

Join us as a part of the evolving international healthcare space.

Patient Management Software for the Surgical Journey

Imagine your hospital worked like this:

Interoperability & built-in best practices

Picis surgical patient management software systems sync data from devices across the perioperative suite and helps clinicians surface patterns and insights that help optimize patient flow while delivering focused care.

Seamless and coordinated flow of data

Turn hospitals into a connected care crew linked by a living patient record. Whether the patient arrives with a record or starts a new one on their care journey, staff gets access to resources, procedures, preferences and histories from the physician office to recovery.

We speak the healthcare language

Get responsive service support from a clinical solutions partner with a track record for speaking healthcare providers language on intuitive systems designed by practitioners for practitioners. Picis team members know what it’s like to be in providers shoes/scrubs.