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Patient Management Software for the Surgical Journey

Imagine your hospital worked like this:

Illustration of a heart monitor

Interoperability & built in best practices

Picis patient management software syncs data from devices across the perioperative suite and surface patterns and insights that help you optimize patient flow while delivering focused care.

Illustration of multiple hospital rooms in a geometrical layout. A circle made up of three arrows sits at the center, representing a cycle.

Seamless and coordinated flow of data

Turn your hospital into a connected care crew linked by a living patient record. Whether the patient arrives with a record or starts a new one on their care journey with you, staff gets access to their resources, procedures, preferences and histories from the physician office to recovery.

Illustration of two speech bubbles. A grey stethoscope icon within a white circles sits in front of the speech bubbles.

We speak your language

Get responsive service support from a partner with a track record for speaking your language on intuitive systems designed by practitioners for practitioners. Our team members know what it's like to be in your shoes/scrubs.

Picis Product Suites

Perioperative Suite

Is it a surprise that care, profit and risk can be managed with the same perioperative software system?

Experior Suite

Operate your surgical center with surgical efficiency

Clinical Information System Suite

Enables seamless information sharing across the continuum of care within the clinical team

Government Suite

Integrate with VA custom workflows and optimize your scheduling to provide accuracy within the existing perioperative environment

REACH Your Modernization Goals

What does your path to surgical modernization look like?

REACH Beyond Scheduling

Reach your modernization goals throughout the patient perioperative journey


Proactive scheduler for patient prioritization planning


A hospital quality solution that is field ready in times of crisis


Conduct your surgical symphonies with confidence using the Picis Orchestrator perioperative workflow system

Envision Analytics

Plug into your business vitals with healthcare analytics software

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