Plug into your business vitals with healthcare analytics software

Plug directly into your HIS system and get data you can act on from reports that write themselves.

Your custom dashboards are beautiful, intuitive interfaces that give you the information you need when you want it while eliminating the madness of manual data re-entry and manipulation.



Gain insight from macro trends and patterns at a glance, then dive in to review, process, and share granular metrics with Envision Analytics. From department performance to patient case costing, interact with the metrics you need to improve your practices on any screen, including tablets and mobile devices.

From hospitals to physician practices and everything in between, our healthcare analytics software tracks your business vitals so you can track your patients.

What's included in the Envision Analytics

Hospital Information System Software

If your HIS could talk...

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Ambulatory Surgery Center Software

Stay out of the woods with surgery center software that helps you see the forest AND the trees.

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Physical Therapy Software

Improve your practice's healthspan

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Revenue Cycle Management Healthcare

Management software for healthcare revenue cycle analytics data that makes sense

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Wound Care Center

Business dashboards for efficient facilities

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Emergency Room Software

A clear view into a critical department

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Urgent Care Analytics

Timely insight with urgent care EMR software by Picis

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Physician Practice Analytics

Physicians care and numbers matter

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