Capture, prepare, and access every facet of the perioperative process

Inefficient processes can have a direct impact on patient care and be quite costly to a healthcare provider.  Having better insight into OR information, status and statistics helps to support efficient surgery department workflows.

Picis OR Manager (ORM) is a comprehensive operating room management software that automates each step of the perioperative process, including scheduling, intraoperative documentation, supply chain management, revenue management and quality reporting. The ability to capture, prepare, and access every facet of the perioperative process empowers healthcare providers to focus on what is most important — patient care.

Key features:

  • Maximize block utilization through adaptive case averaging and block scheduling
  • Optimize tissue and supplies use with physician and procedure preference cards
  • Comprehensive patient cost capture in context, appended to the patient record
  • Confidently schedule surgery and PAT appointments

Built-in tissue and implant documentation for regulatory compliance

  • Documentation is readily available and documented appropriately when a regulatory surveyor walks into the OR
  • In the event of a recall, a list of patients with the given tissue or implant can be easily obtained

Detailed and powerful preference cards that support global updating, case costing and implant/tissue documentation

  • The preference card is selected automatically when the surgeon and procedure are added to the surgery scheduling software