A Perioperative Software Suite Designed With You in Mind

Manage care, cost, and risk all in one place.

No Third Party

Our team will handle everything — no third party required to get (and keep!) your system up.

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Get support from our team, which includes clinicians who can help you understand the system.

One Contiguous Patient Record

From preop to anesthesia through PACU, we support consistent and efficient clinical documentation

Keep Care Flowing, Practitioners in Sync, and Administration in the Know

For many hospitals, the operating room is where the most critical cases and expensive activities take place. Our perioperative software suite ensures every detail of the patient journey, service provided, and resources used are captured automatically from pre-operative to intra-operative through recovery.

With everything all in one place, it’s easier than ever to keep a pulse on care, cost, and risk, so you can keep your facility running smoothly.

Improve Your Workflow and Help to Decrease Burnout

Your job is high-stress, and day-to-day workflow issues make your job even harder than it already is. We know how frustrating and stressful it can be when you don’t have the tools you need to do your job efficiently.
Our perioperative software is designed for clinicians, by clinicians, and includes tools across the patient journey:


Follow a systematic, streamlined approach to surgical scheduling that easily supports multiple facilities.

Pre-Admission Testing:

Improve the efficiency the PAT process to avoid delays and unnecessary costs by ensuring the patient is ready for surgery.

Case Documentation:

Schedule OR time, manage supplies, complete intraoperative documentation, and verify patient records for patient safety and billing purposes.


Provide complete documentation support for the anesthesia team through direct connectivity to more than 400 unique medical devices.


Bring automation from the OR to the PACU, enabling nurses and anesthesia teams to better document and manage complex post-surgical regimens.

Analysis and Reporting:

Get near real-time business activity monitoring with visual indicators that offer updated information on case delays, turnaround time, patient satisfaction, and other key measurements.

Patient Tracking

A mobile, web-based patient tracking app that provides near real-time updates to physicians, staff and family

Serving Hospitals Worldwide for More Than 30 Years

We know how hard your job is, and it’s our goal to provide the tools you need to keep care flowing, practitioners in sync, and administration in the know. Our perioperative software suite is designed to effectively meet all of your needs across the entire perioperative space.

We continue to focus and specialize our integrated suite of perioperative management solutions in life-critical areas of the hospital where the patients are the most vulnerable, the care process is the most complex, and an increasing majority of hospital costs and potential revenue are concentrated.

"Picis has always been a dependable IS Perioperative software and I have used it for over 19 years with multiple clients. Also the customization aspect of the software is a real crowd pleaser with the end users.”
- Clinical Application Analyst II, Frederick Health

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