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Spend Your Time Where It Matters Most

We understand the goal is to provide the best possible care to your patients, but that can be challenging hard to do when you’re busy fighting with technology.

Our medical center software was built to make your workday smoother. Automated and seamless, Picis it offers useful workflow to allow you to spend more time caring for your patients and less time worrying about data and technology — the way it should be.

Provide the Quality Care They Need, Today

Technology is supposed to make your work days more efficient, but the wrong system can make it harder for you to provide your patients with the care they need.

Maybe your current technology is slow and unresponsive, or maybe it just doesn’t seem to hold the data or integrations you need to be effective in your job. Whatever it is, your patients can’t wait for your existing processes and solutions to improve.


Our Products

OR Manager

Schedule OR time, manage supplies, complete intraoperative documentation, and verify patient records for patient safety and billing purposes.

Anesthesia Manager

Provide complete documentation support for the anesthesia team through direct connectivity to more than 400 unique medical devices.

PACU Manager

Bring automation from the OR to the PACU, enabling nurses and anesthesia teams to better document and manage complex post-surgical regimens.

Critical Care Manager

Proven connectivity to capture thousands of data points for your most critical patients.


Converting paper snapshots into electronic documentation helping to enhance the contiguous patient record.


Rules-based notifications to help identify warning signs of changes in patient health.


Plug directly into your HIS system and get data you can act on from reports that write themselves.

SmartTrack Next

A mobile, web-based patient tracking app that provides near real-time updates to physicians, staff and family
“Picis is a tool for fast and efficient integrated patient care documentation and communication.”
- Picis VA Customer (May 2022)
“After 16 years working with Picis. You know I am always one of your biggest fans.”
- VA User

Capabilities Statement

Picis is a provider of clinical software solutions to over 70 Federal Medical Centers and Clinics to optimize their perioperative, anesthesia, and critical care environments in workflows. Picis offers our customers and vendor partners dedicated contract management, strong program management, and a federally-focused sales and professional services team that specializes in delivering leading-edge perioperative solutions for all federal healthcare initiatives Picis’ entire perioperative suite of products is approved by US Department of Veterans Affairs and are listed on its official Technical Reference Model (TRM) for approved products.

Picis Corporate Snapshot

Business Type: Large Business
Primary – 511210 Software Publishers
Secondary – 541511 Custom Computer
Programming Services
Cage Code: 3V2V3
DUNS: 105505866
GSA Contract Holder: GS-35F-0589X
VA Contract Holder: VA Enterprise Maintenance

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