Anesthesia record keeping software that uniquely supports VA custom workflows

Caring for veterans needs more than a one size fits all approach. Benefit from a configurable anesthesia record keeping (ARK) software solution that uniquely supports VA custom workflows, documentation requirements with VistA/CPRS integration.

Create a contiguous patient record from pre-op checklists to intra-operative through recovery, as well as have the ability to extend the record to a Clinical Information System (CIS) via Picis Critical Care Manager. Device integration with Anesthesia Manager supports accurate vital sign data transfer helping staff to make informed decisions, using time savings to concentrate on veteran patient care.

Key features:

  • Accuracy of data to improve workflows
  • Device data capture supports reporting and referenceable historical data
  • Utilize forms builder for customizable clinical printouts (including demographic, medication, vitals, labs, IV fluids)
  • Links to view information in the VistA system and review historical CPRS information)

Clear visibility to fluids and medications

  • Automatically records and displays fluids and medications documentation
  • Integrates with intravenous pumps helping to provide near real time information for informed decision making
  • Quickly and easily calculates and displays a fluid balance summary, at the touch of a button
  • Correlate hemodynamic parameters with medication administration

Streamline and automate the preoperative assessment

  • Allow anesthetists to quickly build concise and completed anesthetic assessments while supporting the workflow surrounding the preoperative evaluation
  • Optimize for quick data access making it easy to read and support multidisciplinary preoperative documentation and chart review
  • Helps to automate the preop process

Native connectivity

  • Library of over 420 device drivers including ventilator, infusion pumps, anesthesia machines, monitors etc.
  • Support all versions of drivers and device connectivity
  • No third-party device integration needed