Anesthesia software just like a paper record, without the risk

Gathering data from disparate systems while trying to ensure accurate anesthesia charting may be daunting, especially with redundant manual entry. Benefit from a contiguous patient record with configurable anesthesia software that helps support an automated surgical workflow.

Anesthesia Manager’s device integration allows quick reference to accurate historical data allowing staff to make informed decisions and use time savings to concentrate on patient care.

Key features:

  • Improve workflows with accurate transfer of data and referenceable historical information
  • Automatically capture device data from multiple systems helping to provide near real-time data for informed decision making
  • Utilize forms builder for customizable clinical printouts (including demographic, medication, vitals, labs, IV fluids)

Streamline and automate the preoperative assessment

  • Allow anesthetists to quickly build concise and completed anesthetic assessments while supporting the workflow surrounding the preoperative evaluation
  • Optimize for quick data access making it easy to read and support multi-disciplinary preoperative documentation and chart review

Native connectivity

  • Library of over 420 device drivers including ventilator, infusion pumps, anesthesia machines, monitors etc.
  • Support all versions of drivers and device connectivity
  • No third-party device integration needed