When the Clarity of Your Future is Delayed: How Do You Make the Best with What You Have?

Recent developments have VA Facilities questioning the timing of their future software path. We have come to rely on technology to the point where delivery of care is delayed or even suspended if the software is experiencing any issues. VA facilities are overwhelmed with more patients being impacted by the pandemic, which result in longer than usual times to get veterans the quality care they need and deserve. The reliability of the tools they use every day to provide this care cannot compromise their mission.

“Veterans Affairs officials will delay deployment of their new electronic medical records system to additional sites until 2023 to ensure ‘adequate reliability’,” officials confirmed to Military Times.

As a customer of these products, your hands are tied until a solution is found. You have to take care of Veterans and their caregivers, today! There are solutions you can use to bridge the gap to your future. What can you do in the meantime?

Upgrade Existing Solutions – Talk with your vendors and partners about available enhancements to your current solutions. Having the “latest and greatest” will help better align your data and technology in preparation for upcoming changes, integrations and developments.

Train – Do you know just enough about your software to be dangerous? Or are you a super user? Did you run into a problem and come up with a work-around? Or is there an opportunity for best practices training to help you use your software more efficiently? Explore additional training opportunities, tutorials, videos or programs that your vendors can provide (i.e. Healthcheck) to help your team use existing solutions to their fullest extent.

Prepare – Evaluate your current protocols to include steps your team can take during an outage. “Downtime procedures focus on decreasing disruption to patient care, while relying primarily on paper processes for documentation.”

As an established partner of the VA, Picis continues to provide a proven, reliable and fully-integrated perioperative and critical care solution to help clinicians improve patient safety, processes and efficiencies to better serve our veterans.