Preop Manager

Picis PreOptimize™ is a preoperative clinical decision support solution that completely automates the preop process.

SmarTrack Next

SmarTrack Next is a mobile, web-based patient tracking solution that provides real time updates to physicians, staff and family

Hospital Information System Software

If your HIS could talk…

Ambulatory EMR

Optimize clinician workflows

PACU Manager

While you notice nuances and respond with hands-on care, your PACU platform displays procedures that support your workflow, add to your patients’ living record, and helps you respond to patterns in their data.


SmarTrack helps clinicians prepare, plan, and optimize resource allocation with a big picture view of what patients are in the pipeline or dive into the records of individuals, wherever they are in their perioperative journey.

OR Manager

Seamless interoperability and a living patient record are core to the platforms we’re running in hundreds of operating rooms worldwide. OR Manager prepares you for, captures, and makes accessible every facet of the perioperative process, so your team can focus on their jobs.

Physician Practice Analytics

Physicians care and numbers matter. Envision provides you a current view of supplies used, patient diagnoses and an overall view of your financial status.

Urgent Care Analytics

Treat urgent care like an emergency with attractive, interactive analytics dashboard that serves up information you can act on in a hurry. Executives can see patterns and trends that help with long-term planning while practitioners can see supply costs and scheduling details that impact patient-flow and your patients’ experience, day to day.

Wound Care Center

Business dashboards for efficient facilities

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