Harris HealthCare jumps up on the list for 2017 Healthcare Informatics Top 100 Companies

The Healthcare Informatics 100 has been released, ranking Harris HealthCare at #58, up from #87 on the 2016 list. The list, compiled by Healthcare Informatics, ranks the 100 vendors with the highest revenues derived from healthcare IT products and services earned in the U.S. All of the revenue information is based on information from the previous year and gives a true snapshot of where providers are spending their healthcare IT dollars.

Harris HealthCare has jumped 29 spots from the previous release in 2016. A division of Harris Computer, Harris HealthCare provides end-to-end solutions for hospitals and clinics to help each organization improve their outstanding quality care while ensuring laser-focused financial health. The Harris HealthCare Group is comprised of the following business units: Picis High Acuity Solutions, QuadraMed, CareTracker, iMDsoft, PulseCheck and Harris Public Health Solutions.

In order to gauge the financial status of the company for this report, each vendor is asked to estimate a percentage of revenue earned in all of their product segments and sources. These numbers are then validated by Porter Research and ST Advisors for accuracy purposes. Harris Healthcare’s segments are reported as 63% Clinical Information Systems, 30% Data Exchange and the remaining divided amongst Consulting Services. For the revenue sources, Harris Healthcare reports over 81% of revenue coming from software, 18% from Services and 1% from Hardware.

As a group, Harris HealthCare has remained focused on helping clinicians improve quality of care through software and services that enhance the flow of data throughout the hospital. From a continuous patient record with the Picis Perioperative software and Critical Care management software to the Enterprise Scheduling solution from QuadraMed, each product is allowing healthcare facilities to harness the power of healthcare technology.

“At Picis we’re happy to share the honor of being ranked in the prestigious Healthcare Informatics 100 list alongside our Harris colleagues. This ranking exemplifies our dedication to improving healthcare technology while allowing providers to focus on what matters most, their patients” stated Marcus Perez, EVP of Picis High Acuity Solutions.

About Picis High Acuity Solutions

At Picis we’re focused on automating the entire perioperative continuum. Picis Clinical Solutions, is a global provider of innovative information solutions that enable rapid and sustained delivery of clinical documentation, financial and operational results in surgical suites and intensive care units of the hospital. Picis Clinical Solutions offers an advanced suite of integrated products focused on these life-critical areas of the hospital where the patients are the most vulnerable, the care process is the most complex and an increasing majority of hospital costs and potential revenue are concentrated. Picis, a wholly owned subsidiary of N. Harris Computer Corporation, is headquartered in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Picis Clinical Solutions has licensed systems for use at more than 400 hospitals worldwide.

About Harris Computer Corporation

Harris delivers its software solutions to over 18,000 customers across North America, and has over 50 offices from coast to coast. Since 1976, Harris has focused on providing feature-rich and robust turnkey solutions to Public Sector, Schools, Utility, and Health Care agencies. Harris’ focus is on creating long-term relationships with its customers and ensuring that it meets the changing needs of its customers over time.  Harris has been part of the Constellation Software Incorporated group of companies since 1996.