The New Picis 10


The anticipation is finally over – PICIS 10 is here!!! I am sure many of you have heard of Picis 10, but you may not have seen all the enhancements included in the beautiful, new user interface. Not only does Picis 10 have an updated look and feel, but we’ve also added in some useful improvements that you have all asked for.

On TWT a couple of weeks ago, we covered many of the new screens in OR Manager for scheduling. The scheduling grid has an amazing and fresh look. When you log in as a scheduler you can immediately view the scheduling grid. No more clicking a couple of times to get to the grid. Once in the grid, you will see new buttons, such as the “Orientation” button of the screen to see the grid in a vertical or horizontal format. When we say wishes do come true, they certainly do! Another new feature includes the ability to drag and drop your bookings on the grid. No more right-click – pick up booking – right click – drop booking. It’s amazing! Dragging and dropping make the scheduler’s job so much easier. There are many other features in Picis 10 OR Scheduling that we are planning to cover in the special edition TWT+ webinars.

The clinical applications also received a facelift with some enhanced features. While the functionality has remained the same, they have a new look and feel. One of the enhancements to highlight is the patient bar on the left-hand side of the screen that includes patient allergies, precautions and other patient demographics. Though the bar is collapsible, pertinent information is still available. This gives the clinician more space on the screen to view all pertinent data. The sections on the flowsheet, such as medications, fluids, physiologic variables are also collapsible. One of the best features of this release is the ability to search for a specific physiologic variable. This is a great feature for anesthesia to keep an eye on the specific variables.

If you would like to learn more about the updates to Picis 10 MR1, register for our TWT+ webinars series.

About the Author

Theresa Sullivan, Director, Sales Support

Theresa has worked for Picis for 15 years and is currently the Director of Sales Support. With Picis, Theresa has implemented the Picis solutions across a variety of commercial and VA facilities, functioned as a Clinical Consultant in Sales, managed the Picis Reference Program and supported customers as a Senior Strategic Consultant in professional services. Before coming to Picis, Theresa was the Clinical System Administrator at a large medical center in Houston, Texas.