Tuesdays with Theresa: Fun with Flags


Last May, the Tuesdays with Theresa topic was one of my all-time favorites, ‘Fun with Flags.’ In Picis Security Manager there is a list of system flags for OR Manager (ORM).Many of the flags need to be set by Picis support, but many other flags can be set by YOU!The flag settings change many features in ORM to behave differently.There are SO many flag settings that it is difficult to choose my favorites.

My recommendation would be to frequently review the flags so when the users ask if the system can, you will know if there is a flag setting for that option. Make sure to always look for new flags with every upgrade.The flags are updated with every upgrade and you get new ones as well.

One flag that comes to mind that folks usually aren’t familiar with is the flag that will open a free text box when you are cancelling a booking. Once the user has selected the cancel reason from the drop-down options, the system can automatically open a free text box so additional information can be entered, such as, who asked for the booking to be cancelled. Additionally, this free text box can be reviewed through the audit trail. If a case is cancelled and the surgeon’s office disagrees, that information can come in handy to understand WHO requested the case be cancelled.

Another flag that can save one extra click is the option to have the ellipsis box in the booking screen automatically open after the procedure has been selected. The scheduler will not have to remember to enter data in the ellipsis box since the box will pop up for them so they can see the CPT codes and enter the additional information about the procedure being booked.

If you are using the Site and Laterality fields in the booking screen, those fields are typically optional fields, but with the switch of a flag setting, the fields can be mandatory and always documented during the scheduling process.

These are examples of just a few flags for ONE screen in ORM. Imagine all the possibilities you have, at your fingertips, when you have FUN WITH FLAGS.

-Theresa Sullivan