Customer Demand


Customers are the beacon that drive a business to be successful. If a business is incapable of identifying problems for their customers and efficiently solving their real-world problems, the business will inevitably cease to exist. So, a curious mindset and a drive to constantly learn from customers is a very important arsenal in a business’s toolkit of success.

Picis is no exception. We need to have the tools, techniques, and discipline to always be listening to our customers, understanding the most pressing problems, and then determining the most appropriate way to solve those problems. This is precisely what we have been working on for the past year.

Interviews with customers provide us with invaluable information. By talking to our customers, we typically get problem descriptions and observations that the customer may not have thought to mention through electronic means. These conversations allow us to understand areas of systems that are working well, as well as unmet needs or issues that our systems don’t currently address. With this understanding in place, we enter these ideas into our Picis Ideas Portal to collect additional feedback and see how many other customers might be experiencing the same issues.

The Picis Ideas Portal collects quantifiable data, based on input by our customers. The Picis Idea Portal empowers our customers by providing the ability for them to vote on potential solutions. We rely on the voice of our entire customer base to learn if a solution is viable and score these solutions by leveraging the administrative side of the Picis Idea Portal. Customer votes is the primary metric we collect for an idea. In addition to customer votes, we also conduct secondary interviews to fully understand other relevant dimensions on which an idea can help. Data points we collect include potential cost and time savings for users, improved staff, and patient experience, and increase in patient safety, depending on the idea.

Once the ideas are scored, we simply sum up the scores. Higher rated ideas go into our developers’ queue for implementation and release. This is how we ensure that the customer voice is heard in every step of the development cycle and high priority problems are solved for our customers.

As you can see, these tools provide continuous interaction with our customers to make sure we are providing the right solutions at the right time for the right people. We are always looking to talk to our customers to better understand how we can meet their needs. If you are interested in telling us your story, please get in touch. Also, make sure your voice is heard on the Picis Ideas Portal. Log in today and vote! We’re eager to hear from you!

About the Author

Nikhil Bhatia, Director of Product

Nikhil is currently the Director of Product at Picis and is responsible for conceptualizing and implementing all current and new Picis products. He has been with Harris for 8 years and has experience in multiple industries such as banking, utilities and telecommunication.