PACU Manager

While you notice nuances and respond with hands-on care, your PACU platform displays procedures that support your workflow, add to your patients’ living record, and helps you respond to patterns in their data.

Anesthesia Manager

Implement best practices with configurable software that supports your workflow. Create a continuous patient record from pre-operative to intra-operative through recovery. The AIMS record is a system that’s helping anesthesiologists worldwide finally kick their paper habit.

OR Manager

Seamless interoperability and a living patient record are core to the platforms we’re running in hundreds of operating rooms worldwide. OR Manager prepares you for, captures, and makes accessible every facet of the perioperative process, so your team can focus on their jobs.

Clinical Information System Suite

Critical Care Manager helps to reduce complexities inherent in ICU by assessing potential complications, identifying patterns, and notifying the clinical team when patients are at their most vulnerable.

Multi-Document Viewer

Scan or upload documents associated with the patient record directly within Picis applications. This control program works with the core Picis applications including OR Manager, Anesthesia Manager, PACU Manager, and Critical Care Manager. Benefit from the ability to: • Retrieve and display documents (i.e. *.txt, *.doc, *.pdf, *.mov, *.img) on the patient level in OR […]

Sepsis Screening

With the potential for sepsis syndromes to be fatal for patients, early detection of symptoms is vital. Through our rule-based notification system, Picis® solutions provide hospitals and clinicians with sepsis screening tools to implement their own protocols.


Tired of cutting and taping paper into patient’s charts? To help hospitals and clinicians document their patient records in an easier and more effective way, Picis has a feature for clinicians to add waveform capture snapshots to a patient’s chart and to printouts. View the brochure to learn more!

Government Suite

At Picis, we are constantly evaluating how our medical center software can help put the Veteran patient first. Our development is focused on how to better support the enhancement of patient care while streamlining the workflow of the clinician. We accomplish this by providing a contiguous patient record to keep care flowing, practitioners in sync, […]

Preop Manager

Picis PreOptimize™ is a preoperative clinical decision support solution that completely automates the preop process.

SmarTrack Next

SmarTrack Next is a mobile, web-based patient tracking solution that provides real time updates to physicians, staff and family