Perioperative Software Suite

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Is it a surprise that care, profit and risk can be managed with the same perioperative software system?

For many hospitals, the operating room is where the most critical cases and most expensive activities takes place. What if every detail of the patient journey, OR management, service provided, and resources used were captured automatically from pre-operative to intra-operative through recovery?

A contiguous patient record keeps care flowing, practitioners in sync and administration in the know.

Picis utilizes the most current version of the AORN Syntegrity® Perioperative Nursing Data Set to demonstrate the care perioperative nurses provide.

Picis Perioperative Journey Graphic

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For the Director of Perioperative Services

  • Maximize block utilization with intuitive smart surgery scheduling software
  • Automate supply management with physician and procedure preference cards
  • Avoid delays and bottlenecks with intelligent patient tracking (bye bye whiteboards!)

For the Anesthesia Chief

  • Create and keep complete, compliant anesthesia e-records handy
  • Improve decision-support with prompts to follow procedure and notifications to check for anomalies
  • Reduces risk and liability with complete, organized, and legible documentation

For the Chief Information Officer

  • Perioperative Solution plugs into your HIS and other systems
  • Scale across the enterprise and health system (We grow with you)
  • Keep clinicians happy with systems that support their workflow