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Conduct your surgical symphonies with confidence using the Picis Orchestrator perioperative workflow system

Intuitively schedule surgical staff, track perioperative instruments, tissue and implants and manage assets. Address the complicated task of scheduling surgical staff and vendors while adapting to inevitable changes with a solution designed for interfacing with all perioperative workflow systems. Allow visibility and control across the many systems that perioperative teams currently use to schedule any and all staff in and around the OR.

Picis Surgical Staff Scheduling Icon

Surgical Staff Scheduling

  • Reduce staff fatigue/ prevent overtime
  • Visibility across functional teams
  • Mobile capability for shift change requests and availability notifications
Picis Tray and Instrument Tracking Icon

Tray and Instrument Tracking

  • Sterilization accountability yielding SPD (sterile processing department) efficiency
  • Minimize case delays
  • Enhanced patient care through accurate sterilization/tray assembly
  • Instrument loss prevention
Picis Tissue and Implant Tracking Icon

Tissue and Implant Tracking

  • Remain compliant with Joint Commission requirements
  • Automatic recall notifications
  • Establish efficiencies throughout the entire chain of custody
  • Help clinicians elevate patient safety
Picis Asset Management Icon

Asset Management

  • Optimize maintenance schedules and audits
  • Track consigned assets
  • Reduction of case delays due to misplaced equipment
  • Reduce purchase costs