Goodbye Whiteboards, Hello Intelligent, Web-Based Patient Tracking


I recently visited an OR that was not utilizing Picis software and saw a dry-erase marker whiteboard on the wall that was most likely implemented 30 years ago. During this visit, I witnessed the long process of a staff member attempting to track a patient’s care, schedule additional staff and identify important notes that needed to be documented. This manual tracking not only looked cumbersome but also was concerning to see how important details could be left off a patient chart. While I watched this process in action, I thought, is there not a technology tool that could help to automate patient tracking while supporting a detailed and thorough patient chart?

As I struggled to watch some providers juggle multiple activities while caring for patients, I was eager to share more about SmarTrack Next (STN). In addition to being HIPAA compliant, STN is an automated web-based patient tracking solution that displays near real-time accuracy while collecting vital data for dramatic time savings.

STN has been implemented and utilized by a variety of healthcare faculties across the globe. Below are just a few features that customers have benefitted from:

  • Convenient mobile and web access
    • Family portals are specifically designed to keep families up to date on their patient’s status while being cared for during their surgical journey
    • Web access for an interactive view so clinicians and OR staff can track patient progress through the OR from anywhere, along with being notifying if there are any delays or changes in care\
    • Data is available via multiple wall monitors, terminals or tablets across all areas within the hospital supporting the ability to view, modify and update charts in near real-time that will be seen everywhere
  • Automation
    • Schedules, staff assignments, milestone checkpoints and contacting family members can be configured to be automated with no manual user intervention
    • Integration with Picis perioperative software and other EHR systems allows for the sharing of critical information including allergies and precautions
  • Configurability
    • Unlimited number of tracking screens with configurable icons, text and colors while abiding by HIPAA compliance
    • Interactive drag and drop features to support facility customization

Allowing this digitalization and integration will allow data to be captured, stored, shared and displayed in multiple applications and analyze using an analytic solution. With the implementation of a digital tracking tool, providers have a clearer insight into the entire patient’s journey without having to worry that important information will disappear with the swipe of an eraser or the brush of an elbow on the whiteboard. Employing this patient tracking solution enables hospitals to take advantage of the clinical and financial benefits of today’s evolving technology to help improve patient care.

About the Author

Jeff Whitney, Vice President of Support Services

Jeff brings more than 20 years of healthcare IT experience and with a proven track record on delivering results. With a wide range of experience, ranging from a Sargent in the United States Marine Corp to a corrections officer and then starting in the healthcare industry as a network specialist and then as a NPR developer. With Jeff’s technical history and as a strategist, Jeff’s ability to deliver and execute customer success is reflected within the organization’s success. Prior to the post of VP of support operations, Jeff has held several increasingly responsible roles including technical support, professional services, development, and customer success since joining Picis in 2007.