Streamlining preoperative workflow at the point of care

Surgical delays and cancellations can dramatically affect patient care and result in lost revenue. By streamlining preoperative workflow at the point of care, facilities have access to more timely and complete assessments, saving clinical staff time and providing potential cost savings for the hospital.

Picis Preop Manager is a solution used at Pre-Admission Testing (PAT) appointments to ensure all proper patient data is gathered in one place in preparation for surgery including specific risk assessments, medical history, previous surgeries, completed tests, signed consents and surgical readiness. Intuitive preoperative checklist management facilitates better adherence to evidence and consensus-based preoperative assessments and quality of patient care.

Key features:

  • Integrates with patient admission and lab systems
  • Utilize configurable content – build surgery specific assessments
  • Copy existing pre-assessment patient information forward
  • Easily print day of surgery instructions for patients
  • Capture and document patient history and physical findings during preop assessment