Anesthesia Manager

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A CPRS medical software just like
your paper record, without all the risk

We get it. Using paper has its charms and comforts. It’s like a security blanket. No one should have to give that up. Instead, we’d like to offer an approach you can think of as paper+. All the benefits of paper, plus the security you get from readable, organized, easy to verify documentation at your fingertips.

Implement best practices with configurable anesthesia record keeping (ARK) software that supports VA custom workflow, documentation requirements and VistA/CPRS integration. Create a contiguous patient record from pre-op checklists to intra-operative through recovery, as well as have the ability to extend the record to a Clinical Information System (CIS) via Picis Critical Care Manager. Anesthesia Manager is a solution that's currently helping VA anesthesiologists at multiple facilities finally kick their paper habit.

Streamline and automate the preoperative assessment

  • Complete and detailed information on patient health including specific risk assessments, medical history, previous surgeries, completed tests, signed consents and surgical readiness
  • Allow anesthetists to quickly build concise and completed anesthetic assessments while supporting the workflow surrounding the preoperative evaluation
  • Optimize for quick data access making it easy to read and support multidisciplinary preoperative documentation and chart review

Create lasting process improvement seamlessly

  • A bad process + good software=bad process. Change the process to make true improvements
  • With the strategic implementation planning visit our team provides best practice advice to make OR's more efficient with anesthesia record software and expert consulting

Native connectivity—no third party device integration needed

  • We have a library of over 400 device drivers—if we don't have a driver for your device, we'll build it
  • There is no third-party integration needed, all connectivity is handled by Picis
  • Cut out the middle man. If you have a problem with the driver or device connectivity you come to us for resolution

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