Picis Announces Release of Orchestrator, Surgical Staff Scheduling Module

Wakefield, MA, May 18, 2019 – Picis Clinical Solutions, Inc. (Picis), a global provider of clinical information solutions announces the release of Orchestrator. As hospitals around the globe begin the process of addressing enormous surgical backlogs as a result of the current global pandemic, Orchestrator’s Surgical Scheduling Software Module is designed to reduce the time it takes to create and maintain surgical schedules.

Marcus Perez, Executive Vice President stated, “The complexity involved in getting all of the people and supplies in the right place at the right time is astounding. For every procedure, the staff (OR nurse, technician, clinician), the equipment, the implant/equipment vendor and the appropriate supplies all must arrive in perfect concert to make sure the surgeon can deliver the best care possible for the patient.”

With Orchestrator, facilities can automate their ability to optimize staff skillsets, surgeon preferences, and asset availability, to provide comprehensive scheduling to help eliminate wasted OR time. This functionality is vital in reducing overtime, preventing clinician burnout and subsequent turnover costs.

“We have accelerated the release of Orchestrator in response to the current challenges healthcare providers are facing. In conjunction with our recent launch of PriorityQ, hospitals benefit from a pair of solutions that can help streamline the surgical scheduling process while efficiently helping to manage their backlog due to the COVID-19 pandemic” said Perez.

Both solutions are ready for immediate implementation. To learn more, visit our website.


Picis Clinical Solutions (Picis) is a global provider of clinical information solutions that automate the entire perioperative experience with one contiguous patient record, from preop to intraop and anesthesia through PACU. Picis continues to focus and specialize the integrated suite of solutions in life-critical areas of the hospital where the patients are the most vulnerable, the care process is the most complex, and an increasing majority of hospital costs and potential revenue are concentrated. The software enables rapid, sustained delivery of clinical documentation, and financial and operational results. From department performance to patient case costing, hospitals benefit from the ability to interact with the data needed to help clinicians improve patient care, engagement and hospital revenue goals. Picis Clinical Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of N. Harris Computer Corporation, is headquartered in Wakefield, Massachusetts with licensed systems for use at more than 400 hospitals worldwide.