HealthCheck Opportunities and Improvements


Ever wonder how well you are utilizing your Picis software? Most of us use what we know in any software we use. I use MS Word every day, but I am sure that I only use about 40% of the functionality that is offered in the software. This is typical of all software users. Picis offers our customers an opportunity to have a HealthCheck on their software.

A HealthCheck tool is a one and half day visit to the customer site where we will review the Picis build and perioperative processes. The Picis team will review the Picis software with each team. For example, we may start with scheduling and then preference cards builders and on to in-room documentation users, etc. Information is gathered by the Picis team during the sessions to determine findings and recommendations to increase the utilization and value of the Picis system.

We have many ‘quick wins’ during our visit. Some of the recommendations are quick and easy to solve and the Picis team will resolve right away. A common quick win is setting the flag that determines the average case times for scheduling cases. The best practice flags settings are to set the number of cases to average to 14 cases. Then set the high/low flag to throw out the 2 highest cases and the 2 lowest cases. The system will then calculate the average of the last 10 cases minus the 2 highest and 2 lowest. This is a best practice average calculate for booking. Another quick win is a best-known secret to the Picis OR Manager system. In the room dictionary where the block schedules are built, the print feature allows you to print the current block that is set up in the system. After selecting print and the rooms, select the Current Schedule option and a box will magically appear to select block detail. This is a great way to ensure the blocks are set up correctly in the system.

After the HealthCheck visit, the team will put together the findings and recommendations, along with a Return-on-Investment (ROI) calculation to present to the hospital. HealthChecks are offered at no charge, but we do ask that the hospital executive team attend the report read out on the return visit. It is amazing how optimizing the software increases staff, patient and patient family satisfaction. The hospital cost savings is amazing, as well.

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About the Author

Theresa Sullivan, Director, Sales Support

Theresa has worked for Picis for 15 years and is currently the Director of Sales Support. With Picis, Theresa has implemented the Picis solutions across a variety of commercial and VA facilities, functioned as a Clinical Consultant in Sales, managed the Picis Reference Program and supported customers as a Senior Strategic Consultant in professional services. Before coming to Picis, Theresa was the Clinical System Administrator at a large medical center in Houston, Texas.