Picis boosts international presence with Baltic Technology Group (BTG) partnership

Wakefield, MA, November 2, 2016 – Picis is pleased to announce the expansion of its partnership program with Baltic Technology Group (BTG). Per a recently signed agreement, BTG will be responsible for the resale, support and services of Picis products into the Baltic Regions (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania). In the future, the territory for BTG will also expand to cover several Eastern European Countries such as Romania, Serbia, Armenia and elsewhere within the region.

BTG is a long-established IT services company and was one of the first IT services companies in Latvia. BTG was formed in 1991 and is comprised of two privately held companies, SIA Baltic Technology Group in Latvia and BTG Systems, Inc. in the United States. BTG’s main office is in the heart of Riga, with two other offices in the cities of Ventspils and Daugavpils. For the past 22 years, BTG’s staff has worked on hundreds of worldwide application software services and networking projects. While participating in the partnership program with Picis, BTG will also continue their work as a well-established service provider to the Harris Computer Systems Public Sector and Schools Group.

“Picis is extremely excited to welcome BTG to the growing Picis partnership program as an already reputable organization in the Baltics and Eastern Europe” Steve Hammond, Picis Executive Vice President said. “This newly formed partnership will allow Picis to continue in expanding its global presence successfully in these emerging markets.”

About Picis Clinical Solutions

Picis Clinical Solutions is a global provider of innovative information solutions that enable rapid and sustained delivery of clinical documentation and financial and operational results in emergency departments, surgical suites and intensive care units — life-critical areas of the hospital where the patients are the most vulnerable, the care process is the most complex and an increasing majority of hospital costs and potential revenue are concentrated. A wholly owned subsidiary of N. Harris Computer Corporation headquartered in Wakefield, MA, Picis has licensed systems for use at more than 400 hospitals in 18 countries.