Picis Announces Release of PriorityQ, Proactive Surgical Case Prioritization Planning

Wakefield, MA, April 29, 2019 – Picis Clinical Solutions, Inc. (Picis), a global provider of clinical information solutions announces the release of PriorityQ, a web-based solution designed to assist healthcare providers in managing surgical backlogs and waitlists through proactive planning for how to prioritize patient care.

As a result of the current global pandemic, clinicians have been forced to suspend non-urgent, elective procedures to protect resources to combat the surge of life-threatening COVID-19 cases.

Marcus Perez, EVP states, “As existing surgical backlogs continue to grow exponentially and facilities begin to resume elective surgeries, a daily process of meeting as a committee to manually review a triage list of patients is simply not scalable or efficient when so many patients are in need of care.”

As experts in surgical scheduling, Picis introduces PriorityQ to help administrators with surgical case prioritization and coordinate the surgical schedule based on aggregated data. Incorporating hospital thresholds, patient severity level, OR time and resources, PriorityQ collects multiple data points to determine a patient “score” and delivers a priority of surgical procedures over the coming weeks and/or months. For organizations that already have a prioritization scoring system, PriorityQ will import this information and include it in the factored results. This information empowers administrators with the ability to plan how to prioritize patients, manage the queue, separate surgeries by service, while producing financials to show potential revenue generated based on the suggested schedule.

“The benefit to healthcare providers is PriorityQ goes beyond a patient prioritization score. The real value of the solution is that it uses the “score” in conjunction with the hospital’s particular parameters to generate a forward looking schedule. Simply put, it’s load planning. The key is providing each facility the flexibility to modify the schedule once scores are delivered and the ability to plan in advance how to manage the queue.” said Marcus Perez, Executive Vice President.

PriorityQ will be ready for implementation the week of May 4, 2020. To learn more, visit our website


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