Tuesdays with Theresa: OR Manager – Manage Routines


As a Clinical System Administrator, back in a previous life, the OR Manager Manage Routines were my go-to for any ‘how many’ questions. It seems that many times the OR Director or Managers just want to know ‘how many.”How many cases did Dr. Smith book last week in Facility A? How many total joint cases did we perform last month? How many of those cases were done in OR Room 6? How many of those cases used Stryker implants? All of these questions are easily answered with OR Manager Manage Routines.

OR Manager has 5 manage routines that are an effective way to sort, select and queue data. The manage routines come with standard fields to select to sort through the data, but the most powerful part of the manage routine is to be able to write your own query with ANY data field in the system whether it be a standard field or a custom field. With Custom Field Select, the user can determine what field they want to query and how they wish to sort the data. Then the query can be saved and recalled at a later date.

The Preference Card Manage Routine is very helpful and folks on Tuesdays with Theresa (TWT) learned a few new query options with this routine. Looking for cards by Procedure Category is a feature that I always forgot about. When that service line coordinator wants to know how many cards are built for General Surgery, the option to see only General Surgery cards is at your fingertips. Another feature we discussed is being able to see any cards that were labeled, but never had any content added. This is a nice feature to see what cards really need to be built. Seeing the card in the list doesn’t quickly and easily tell you if the card is actually built.

The one routine that was added a few versions ago that I have not seen folks take full advantage of is the Case Record Default Manage Routine. Being able to review and update the Case Record Defaults in the Manage Routine is the most efficient way to maintain the defaults. When you need to update all of Dr. Jones Case Record Defaults and it seems like an overwhelming task, don’t forget to utilize the Manage Routine to get all the defaults updated with just a few clicks.

Manage Routines are powerful! Next time you need to refresh the software, take a look at the Manage Routines to make updates easy and efficient.

-Theresa Sullivan