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As VA facilities prepare budgets for next year, Picis is offering ways to enhance your existing infrastructure to help provide a high level of quality care for our US Veterans.

OR Manager: Picis OR Manager is a comprehensive operating room management solution that automates each step of the perioperative process and provides the important data needed to analyze and identify ways to reduce costs, maximize resources, and help clinicians provide quality of care.

SmarTrack: Designed to assist clinicians in preparing, planning, and optimizing resource allocation with a big picture view of where patients are in their perioperative journey. Coupled with the ability to dive into the detailed records of individuals, SmarTrack will help keep staff informed with appropriate notifications and messages while your dynamically generated record makes audit trails a breeze.

Waveforms: A complementary module that runs with 8.6 MR3 or MR4 and helps to eliminate paper from medical devices and consolidate documentation electronically. Compatible with Philips and accepts 5 leads, including EKG, PAA, BIZ, EEG.  (GE driver is coming soon!)

Envision: Plug into your HIS system and get data you can act on from reports that write themselves. A powerful analytics tool to help you gain insight from macro trends and patterns at a glance, then dive in to review, process, and share granular metrics. From department performance to patient case costing, interact with the metrics you need to improve your practices on any screen, including tablets and mobile devices.

License Swap! Are you interested in replacing your current OR Management, Anesthesia, Critical Care, PACU Management solution(s)? Not a problem! Our license swap program will help ease the burden of change.


As the first VA facility has now made the move to OR Manager and SmarTrack, will you be budget ready to join them?

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