SmarTrack helps clinicians prepare, plan, and optimize resource allocation with a big picture view of where patients are in the pipeline or dive into the records of individuals, wherever they are in their perioperative journey. Picis uses unique patient tracking technology, accurately triggered by any patient record updates, keeping staff informed with dynamically generated notifications and messages. In addition to the patient, SmarTrack allows peace of mind for loved ones with confidential tracking updates on their family member throughout the surgical journey.

More than just automating the whiteboard, SmarTrack views display what is happening during the perioperative process, as well as, what has yet to happen, helping staff know which patients are running behind. Notifications can be sent to the tracking board and pages can be used to send a message to physicians and staff when a patient is not moving predictably through the perioperative process.

Please dispose of your hospital’s whiteboards and dry erase markers responsibly.

Know the status of patients at all times with critical pathways and notifications

  • Incorporate predictive carepaths in the surgical episode including the expected elapsed time between checkpoints—comparing a patient’s actual progress to the predicted carepath
  • Boost visibility into a patient's progression through their journey with displayed information on the tracking board—this allows staff to take action before delays or problems impact patient satisfaction or the OR schedule

Provide easy access to timely information with customizable views

  • Keep track of patient wait times and provide clinicians with quick access to accurate and current information—instantly communicated throughout a hospital, or healthcare system, allowing medical staff, administrators and family members to know the status and location of patients, at all times
  • Provides customized, secure surgical patient tracking views that display relevant information regarding patients or resources, within one facility or multiple facilities
  • SmarTrack views can also be displayed through a standard web browser, so a surgeon’s office can track the progress of patients as they proceed through the OR

Integrated documentation improves productivity and compliance

  • Reduce phone calls by providing accurate patient and resource information at the point of care
  • Seamless integration with the scheduling and documentation portions of Picis surgery scheduling software, making updates to SmarTrack when case record information has been documented for items, such as patient in OR room time or patient in PACU time

Streamline support for multiple facilities

  • Incorporate integration expertise and proven multi facility automation expertise into intelligent surgical patient tracking for the OR
  • Streamline dictionary building and reporting, maintain consistency among sites and allow organizations to share information, while accommodating individual site differences
  • Incorporate multi facility functionality and flexibility into each component of the system, such as key checkpoints, macros, screen building, documentation and reporting

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