Optimize clinician workflows with our ambulatory EMR system

Documentation and patient tracking are two vital components of the patient’s lifecycle. With Picis ambulatory EMR system you now have the power to capture important patient information all in one record from pre-op through anesthesia and surgery to recovery. Native device connectivity allows the Picis system to easily and efficiently connect to a variety of medical devices.

Comprehensive nursing documentation

Full integration of data from preoperative to intraoperative care and through to the recovery room. With unique features like direct device connectivity, fields are updated automatically allowing for more patient face to face interaction and accurate charting. The ambulatory EMR system automates both clinical and administrative documentation for optimum efficiency. In addition, the customer defined documentation screens provide the ultimate flexibility in recording and documenting data.

Automated anesthesia documentation

Picis ASC will enable your anesthesia care providers to manage large volumes of data in the operating room by assembling relevant data into an easy-to-read overview. The system automatically collects, manages and stores the information required for your clinicians to evaluate their patient’s condition, manage the anesthesia process and generate the legal patient record. From one screen, your anesthesia providers can minimize documentation time and gain easy access to all aspects of patient data to complete their cases.

Complete tracking from preop through recovery


Preop Manager provides complete and detailed information on patient health including specific risk assessments, medical history, previous surgeries, completed tests, signed consents and surgical readiness

Through its intuitive interface, our preop software allows anesthetists to quickly build concise and completed anesthetic assessments while supporting the workflow surrounding the preoperative evaluation

Optimized for quick data access, Preop Manager is easy to read and supports multidisciplinary preoperative documentation and chart review in a variety of clinical settings.


Picis brings automation from the OR to the recovery room, enabling nursing and anesthesia to better document and manage complex regimens. Your center can establish procedure-based recovery protocols that prompt staff for the necessary assessments, interventions and requirements. This increases compliance with regulatory requirements and minimizes liability exposure.

Intelligent patient tracking with SmarTrack

Increase throughput and uncover bottlenecks in the OR while reducing the number of interdepartmental phone calls and patient inquiries with SmarTrack, our smart and interactive patient tracking board. This advanced tracking includes automated email/text notifications when cases are delayed or moved up, easy ability to assign staff by room, ability to create PACU bed reservations with accompanying notifications, ability to put any scheduling/ preop/intraop data elements on the tracking display and to use any data element to trigger notifications and more.

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