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Running an ASC doesn’t mean you need to spend your day running. This ambulatory surgery center practice management software understands and supports your workflows can mitigate financial fluctuations and limit liabilities.

Avoid claims payment headaches with real-time eligibility and at-a-glance verification.

Demand better supply management:

Streamline your scheduling with a system that supports advance blocktime, conflict checking, and intelligent procedure durations based on historical averages.

From administrative details to supply management, the Picis ambulatory surgery center practice management software gives ASC’s the power to manage their workflow down to the finest detail. With powerful scheduling, supply chain automation, and intuitive billing, you will have the details you need to improve your bottom line.

Scheduling with ease

  • Intuitive surgery scheduling software that supports multiple facilities
  • Remotely schedule appointments while the patient is in the physician's office–eliminate confusion and improve physician and patient satisfaction
  • Book procedures based on historical surgeon averages
  • Advanced block scheduling and conflict check features
  • Enterprise configurations to accommodate multiple facilities

Intelligent Supply Chain Automation

Manage supplies, update preference cards automatically, simplify billing and inventory control, reduce waste and pinpoint the actual costs of surgical care.

Supply Chain Management

  • Built in materials management system
  • Inventory levels by PAR or usage (actual or predicted)
  • Bar coding enabled
  • Track orders and receipt of supplies
  • Track and search backordered supplies

Preference Cards

  • Easy to build and convenient to copy
  • Global update options save time
  • Print: picklist and worksheet
  • Equipment conflicting when scheduling

Tissue Tracking

  • Receive and record tissue on hand
  • Improve nurse satisfaction: select from "Tissue on Hand"
  • Tissue turnover: sorted by expiration date

Case Costing

  • Supply costing via dated purchase price
  • Historical costing 
  • Overhead and staff costing
  • Surgeon and case comparative standard reports

Interactive registration and insurance tools

  • Real-time eligibility and benefits verification at your fingertips
  • A rule-based, front-end editing tool that scrubs outgoing claims prior to submission
  • An interactive dashboard prioritizes work lists automatically so important tasks don’t get overlooked

An efficient and customizable billing platform

Built from the ground up by billing experts and used by top revenue cycle management teams across the nation, our billing solutions will help your center achieve greater efficiency by streamlining day-to-day operations.

With built-in workflow rules, user notifications and immediate reporting functionality, it delivers the flexibility needed to manage administrative issues before they become problems so you get the right reimbursement, right on time.

  • Enterprise class claims editing solution that delivers up to 97 percent pay-at-first-pass rates via 87+ million coding relationships and embedded eligibility/ERA’s/EDI
  • Clinical and financial intelligence that automates administrative tasks which drives efficiency and productivity
  • An online code lookup software embedded directly within the claims screen that are available to ensure coding accuracy
  • Enhance patient satisfaction with electronic statements, the ability to review their account details online and making payments directly through a secure payment portal
  • Hundreds of standard available financial and month-end reports with the flexibility to export data and manipulate and analyze

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