Rapid ICU is a field expedient solution designed to empower hospitals to expeditiously expand critical care offerings in remote locations during times of crisis. Our solution provides integrated device connectivity that helps clinicians maintain the quality of patient care and monitoring they would receive within the hospital walls. 


PriorityQ is a web-based solution designed to assist healthcare providers in managing surgical backlogs and waitlists through proactive prioritization planning. Our software incorporates surgeon schedules, patient/procedure severity and resource availability to provide a forward-looking, load planning schedule. This insight helps administrators plan how to manage the surgical queue weeks in advance with the flexibility to […]


Intuitively schedule surgical staff, track perioperative instruments, tissue and implants and manage assets. Address the complicated task of scheduling surgical staff and vendors while adapting to inevitable changes with a solution designed for interfacing with all perioperative workflow systems. Allow visibility and control across the many systems that perioperative teams currently use to schedule any […]

Preop Manager

Picis PreOptimize™ is a preoperative clinical decision support solution that completely automates the preop process.


SmarTrack helps clinicians prepare, plan, and optimize resource allocation with a big picture view of what patients are in the pipeline or dive into the records of individuals, wherever they are in their perioperative journey.

Sepsis Screening

With the potential for sepsis syndromes to be fatal for patients, early detection of symptoms is vital. Through our rule-based notification system, Picis® solutions provide hospitals and clinicians with tools to implement their own sepsis notification system protocols.


Tired of cutting and taping paper into patient’s charts? To help hospitals and clinicians document their patient records in an easier and more effective way, Picis has a feature for clinicians to add waveform snapshots to a patient’s electronic chart and to printouts. View the brochure to learn more about electronic patient charts!

PACU Manager

While you notice nuances and respond with hands-on care, your PACU platform displays procedures that support your workflow, add to your patients’ living record, and helps you respond to patterns in their data.

Anesthesia Manager

Implement best practices with configurable software that supports your workflow. Create a continuous patient record from pre-operative to intra-operative through recovery. The AIMS record is a system that’s helping anesthesiologists worldwide finally kick their paper habit.

Preop Manager

Picis PreOptimize™ is a preoperative clinical decision support solution that completely automates the preop process.

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