Picis Calibrate

​Picis doesn’t just provide healthcare software solutions. We provide the expertise and support you need to get the most out of them.

Getting the best healthcare information system for your facility doesn’t stop with buying the best. It also means making sure you get the most out of your system — with the best in customization, optimization, staff training and maintenance.

Picis offers project management, advisory services and industry expertise to ensure that your investment pays off. We provide the support you need to make your healthcare software solutions work for you.

Contact us to request a call from a Picis Professional to discuss how we can Calibrate your facility.

Reporting Services Program

Modify your report configurations to put the information you need at your fingertips. The Picis Custom Reporting Department can modify the report configurations in your Picis Healthcare Solutions information system — adding or removing fields and changing the way your reports are displayed — so the information you need is displayed the way you need to see it, increasing your facility’s efficiency and reducing the chance of confusion and errors. Using in-house resources to modify reports can be expensive and time consuming. The Reporting Services Program provides Picis clients with unlimited access to the Custom Reporting Department for all minor report issues, custom report questions, and minor report modifications throughout the year — for one annual fee.

Database Administration Services

Keep your systems running smoothly, accurately and efficiently – worry free. Picis can provide database administration services for your systems, including database backups, optimization, defragmentation, consistency checks, troubleshooting of performance issues, monitoring database growth, applying service packs and patches, managing SQL server security, and providing 24/7 on-call support. Using in-house resources to support database administration can be expensive. Talk to a Picis Professional about how we can provide this service to your facility at a reasonable annual cost. ​ Who knows your Picis Perioperative and Critical Care software better than we do?

Healthcare Software Training

Ensure your staff knows and understands all the features of your Picis Perioperative and Critical Care solutions so you can exploit its full potential. Get the most out of your investment in your healthcare solutions by optimizing staff knowledge and skill. Ensure your staff understands all the features and functionality that your system has to offer. Picis can provide training sessions with a specific focus, such as:

  • Total Perioperative Automation (TPA) Technical Training
  • OR Manager System Administrator Training
  • OR Manager Overview Course
  • Printouts Builder Course
  • Managing Your Clinical Environment Course
  • SmarTrack™ Overview
As well, we offer:
  • New hire training
  • Upgrade training
  • Other training customized just for your facility
Remember, the need for training doesn’t stop at “go live.” It continues throughout the life of your software.

Software Optimizations

Save time and reduce errors with software optimization: tailoring your system to your facility’s specific needs. To take full advantage of its capacity to perform your required tasks simply and efficiently, book a Picis Process Consultant to configure your system in the way that works best for you. When you book a software optimization for OR Manager, PreOp Manager, Anesthesia Manager, PACU Manager or Critical Care Manager, a Picis Process Consultant will come and review the current state of your system and assess your resources and needs. Simple configuration improvements are made on the spot. The next step is a report with further recommended changes for configuring the system to your needs, along with a plan for execution. ​ Let a Picis Professional help you to get things working your way.

Enterprise System Migrations

Let Picis help your facility to have the best transition possible. When you bought your Picis Perioperative and Critical Care solutions, the Picis team helped you get things up and running. We can continue to help even if you are transitioning away from your Picis applications. If you are running your Picis applications in parallel with your new enterprise system, we can:

  • Offer ongoing training and backup for the personnel that are working on the Picis system as other staff are pulled away to train on the new system.
  • Manage and perform new version upgrades to keep your Picis software current.
  • Provide risk assessment of databases, performance, backup jobs and servers.
  • Perform Anesthesia /PACU Manager/PreOp Manager and OR application optimization.
  • Provide technical optimization of medical device integration support.
If you are replacing your Picis applications with an enterprise system, we can:
  • Ensure that the new software is able to access the data from your current Picis Perioperative and Critical Care applications.
  • Provide staff training and support during the transition.
  • Communicate technical progress and recommendations to site staff and management.
  • Provide crystal report-writing services.
The Picis team is with you start to finish!

Application Management

Guarantee you have first class support for all of your Picis applications. From the day to day operations of the software to troubleshooting issues that may arise, the Application Management package may be the tool you need to keep your system running efficiently. With our Application Management services, Picis will provide 40 hours a week, Monday through Friday of remote dedicated support for the Picis applications and background processes/servers. The hours will be 8-5 EST, with the exception of Picis holidays that follow the standard statutory US holiday schedule. The remote support will include troubleshooting and system administrative support for the Picis modules including OR Manager, Anesthesia Manager, Preop Manager, Critical Care Manager and PACU Manager. This resource will also handle the restart of all Picis services on a routine basis suggested by Microsoft. The Picis resource would field phone calls, emails, or CASES (service requests) from end users and work directly with them until resolution. Packaged services included

  • Direct end user remote application support
  • On demand application troubleshooting support
  • Application configuration maintenance support
  • Triaging of support cases via help desk system, email, or phone
  • Routine Picis interface monitoring
  • Routine team support calls
  • Routine on-site visits
  • Routine device driver audits
  • Application optimization support
  • Form Builder printout configuration support
  • Support case reporting and analysis

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