Picis Regional Customer Conferences 2019

Thank you to the customers who were able to join us this year! Check back for details about our 2020 conferences! 

This year Picis is celebrating 25 years, and it’s our goal to see as many of you as possible, so we are taking a different approach to customer conferences this year.

These events have been incredibly successful and well attended in the past and we are excited to be bringing them back at the request of many of our valued customers!

These 2-day events will consist of training and education sessions, group and peer breakout discussions, new product revelations and overall Picis information. Hosted by the same trusted resources you have become so familiar with over the years, these events promise to engage, educate and energize you and your team. Of course, we also want to have the chance to get to know one another and expect to do that with an evening event full of fun!


Exploring the Ocean for Hidden Gems – After donning our scuba gear, we will explore all the nooks and crannies of Picis Software to find all the small treasures many don’t know about.

Navigating the Waters
 – First we need to navigate our course with our nautical map! Chart the map as we review the data you gain through Envision, Forms Builder and those sneaky little canned reports not everyone knows about.

Beneath the Waves Workshops

Booking Communication – Discover how to use Physician Office Link along with Booking Emails and Multi-Document Viewer for the most effective communication between your surgeon’s offices and hospital scheduling office.

Clinical Applications – Explore the best practice for configuration of templates, then deep dive with us into scores, waveforms and the sepsis tool.

Preference Card Magic –Investigate how to maintain the most efficient preference cards, picklists and worksheets. Come aboard with us and build Conditional Stock Rules and custom Worksheets and Picklists.

SmarTrack – Tour critical checkpoints and macros utilized for the highest impact to the patient throughput. Bring some ideas with you and configure a few with the Picis experts!

Flags – Deep dive into application flags to maximize your system’s capabilities.

Barcoding – Evaluate the current barcode functionality in the Picis software, and see where we are heading with the new GTIN Barcode Standards.


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