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Message from Marcus 


As many of you know, after my military service, I spent time in education and coaching. I have taught students in Algebra I & II, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus and one year, I even taught 7th and 8th grade math. Having raised two children through middle school, I am quite familiar with the challenges during those developing years. I can say with some assurance that teaching one year of middle school was plenty for me!

The interesting thing about adolescents in those formative years is that they are so self-conscious. Every middle schooler, deep down, is an insecure kid trying to understand all of the changes they’re facing physically and mentally. The emotional toll manifests itself into a genuine belief that everyone is watching them. That sense of eyes on them constantly makes them fear any mistake. They feel that any misstep or mildly embarrassing moment will be public fodder. With social media these days, I imagine the anxiety during these years can only be accelerated! One lesson I tried to impart on my young students as well as my own children at that time was that no one actually is watching everything (except maybe their parents) and subsequently any mistake they make is not so devastating. There is little they can do at that age that is truly fatal, no matter how painful it may appear in the moment.

The antidote for middle school anxiety was actually teaching them to invest in other people. With everyone so self-conscious, the concept of helping others initially was unnatural for them. Still, once they actually focused on someone other than themselves, they found that the pressure eased and they could navigate the water so much more smoothly. As my students got used to thinking of others first, they were more joyful, less judgmental and even, dare I say, more confident. It was a wonderful process to observe! Oddly, it wasn’t a lesson that stuck with them as much as I would have hoped. As soon as high school started many of those same insecurities came creeping back out.

I suppose there is a level of middle school insecurity in all of us, even those of us with an AARP card. Sometimes that insecurity is the fuel that drives us to dig a little deeper or work a little harder/longer. Sometimes that insecurity makes us tentative in situations where we should otherwise be comfortable and confident. While many of us appear calm on the surface, I have zero doubt that there’s an insecure “tween” lurking beneath.

The challenge for each of us is how to tame, manage and direct that insecurity toward something positive. Again, I feel that the best place to start that is by investing in others. Last year at our annual company meeting, I introduced our staff to my friend Steve Rogers. Steve was an amazing man who was in the midst of his third battle with cancer. Steve had overcome pancreatic cancer 17 years ago. He had discovered it by accident, falling off a rope swing over a river and landing awkwardly. The ensuing pain eventually drove him to see a doctor where they discovered his pancreas had ruptured. The resulting biopsy revealed pancreatic cancer. He was among a rare club of survivors, in part I believe, because he was focused on caring for his wife who was in the midst of a fight with breast cancer. He also focused on his middle school aged daughter, who wasn’t prepared to see both parents fighting deadly diseases simultaneously. Steve’s insecurities about the future faded into the background because of his focus on others.

A few years ago, Steve found out he had lung cancer. Again, it was discovered accidentally and yet again he won his battle after losing half of a lung. Even recently, when his cancer returned, this time in his bones, Steve was focused on others. His keynote address to our staff in March brought everyone to tears and a standing ovation. His favorite thing to say was “Look around and, no doubt, you will see someone who is way worse off than you”. He and I spent lots of time together in his second and third battles with his illness. Mayo Clinic is just 7 minutes from my home in Florida and Steve was there a lot. We played cards, shared stories, laughed and cried a fair amount during our visits. Not once did Steve revert to his insecure, adolescent self. His strength to never focus on self-pity was remarkable.

This month, we continue to improve the infrastructure of our business. Our Research & Development team has made substantial progress on multiple projects. We have begun implementing our OR Manager product within a few VA facilities. We have had several successful “Go-Live” events with new customers and others upgrading to our latest versions. We have many positive things happening within the teams and we are proud of their efforts and results. I know they have all had moments of insecurity along the way, but they haven’t let that interfere with their goals. What I’m most proud of though, is their collective willingness to invest in others – their peers, our customers and partners. My friend Steve lost his third battle with cancer recently. The impact he made on our staff will be felt for a very long time.

Marcus Perez
EVP, Picis


Are you aware of the following new feature in Picis OR Manager?

Automatic Email Notification when Booking

A new feature in 8.6 MR3 gives you the ability to send notification emails to patients and surgeons automatically when a surgery is booked or the booking is edited. A system flag determines whether you can configure emails based on the booking’s procedure or based on the booking’s surgeon. For example, if the flag is set for procedures you can configure the email to use when a particular procedure is specified in the booking.

R&D Update

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Professional Services

Did you know?

There are several tables in DB Editor which do not allow for the indexing of entries.  For these tables, customers often have to prefix entries with alpha numeric characters or spaces to control the order of lists.  Starting in 8.4 there is a change to this, which provides an improved method of indexing.  The functionality of indexing has been extended to other types of treatments such as Nursing Care, Medications and Fluids In/Out and Scores. Not only can you index the families on a flowsheet but also you will be able index treatments within a family.

With this enhancement you able to sort based upon the families and you can also sort the treatments within the families. When selecting “Treatments Table” within DB Editor you will see a column identified as “Family”.  By clicking on this column header it will group the various families together so the treatments for that family will be together.  Then in the index column apply your numbering. 

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CAB Corner

The Canadian CAB Meeting was completed on September 13. Contact Heather Davis (hdavis@picis) for information from that meeting. 

The next US CAB Meeting will be September 27, 10AM EST.

We will be meeting with the new product team, reviewing our new email booking tool, and reviewing some defect corrections. I look forward to the call and to get your feedback! 

-Heather Davis

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