The Picis Line – Q4 2019

Message from Marcus 

Like a lot of people, I don’t really follow the NBA super closely until the spring rolls around.  It’s hard to track 30 teams over 82 games, even for a basketball fan like me.  Recently, though, a story came to the forefront that really struck me.  An NBA star, who shall remain nameless in case you are a fan, chose not to play in a road game because of “load management.”  NBA teams are starting to use “load management” as a rationale for giving their players time to rest/recover during the course of the season so they can be as healthy as possible for the playoffs.

The debate about the value of “load management” with all of the sports talking heads was lively and entertaining.  At one point, while driving in the car early in the morning, one talking head was espousing sleep studies conducted by Harvard as part of the rationale for this trend.  One fact that really stuck with me was this: Michael Jordan, arguably one of the best to ever play, had 11 seasons where he played at least 80 of the 82 regular season games.  Load Management wasn’t a thing back then apparently.

So I started to try and understand when “load management” became a thing.  I’m a by-product of a working class family.  My father was an immigrant from the Canary Islands; he learned English and how to be a butcher, both out of necessity.  He also tended bar at one restaurant and was the maître de at another.  He worked three jobs every week all in an effort to provide for his wife and three boys.  My mom taught school, made clothes and had a garden; also just out of necessity.  I don’t ever remember them talking at the dinner table about needing a day off for “load management.”

Similarly, our clinicians wear multiple hats; they have logistical requirements and management responsibilities, on top of their vital health care mission.  And similarly, no clinicians I know are complaining about “load management”.  They just find a way to provide the best care possible, each and every day.  My parents, our clinicians, many women and men in service roles, our soldiers, sailors and airmen, all just find a way to deliver.  To me, that is called “toughness.”  Perhaps simplistically, I choose to define “toughness” as the ability to achieve the objective regardless of the obstacles.

It gives everyone at Picis distinct pleasure to serve those who illustrate genuine toughness.  We are proud to try and do our part for those who sacrifice so much for the sake of providing the best care possible.  There’s no “load management” concerns for our customers and there shouldn’t be any for us either.  I am proud of the daily examples I see and hear about our staff’s willingness to go the extra mile to do our part.  I have always lived by one simple rule – do what’s right.  And that rule permeates into our team!  “Load Management” is not even a consideration!

Marcus Perez
EVP, Picis


Directory and Registry Keys

The following directories and registry keys should not be scanned with commercially available antivirus software. Doing so causes adverse effects on Picis applications.

Not all directories, registry keys or file types may be present at a site, but if they are, they should be excluded.

 Contact our support team for more information!

R&D Update

8.6 Core Applications 

Picis 10

SmarTrack Next and STGo

Professional Services

Announcement for site with Picis Clinical Applications

Please verify that non-invasive blood pressures are coming across to the application. With the recent daylight savings time change, we have seen many sites where the physiological monitor times did not update. Non-invasive blood pressures are time stamped so they do not make into the record if the physiological time is an hour ahead of the computer time. The Picis system will not chart in future.

Contact our support or professional services team for more information!

CSM Update

We would like to thank those who attended the Picis Regional Customer Conferences. The Picis team was proud to host 41 attendees from 24 hospitals in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and The Hospital of the Fox Chase Cancer Center, in Philadelphia. This year’s attendees joined us for “Under the Sea” themed events with a focus on education, innovation and collaboration.

Some of the highlights of the 2019 conferences were:

We encourage all of our customers to consider attending in the years to come!

Speaking of…we are already planning next year’s event and look forward to hosting many familiar faces and welcome new ones as well. Below you will find  information for 2020’s event:

🇨🇦 Canada

Canada’s anticipated location: Ottawa, ON (home of the Harris head office)

2-Day Conference: $299 USD (~$395 CAD)*

With add-on training day: $499 USD (~$660 CAD)*

*Conversions are based on current exchange rate and will be calculated at time of invoicing

🇺🇸 USA

Boston Area (meet your local support team)

2-Day Conference: $299 USD

With add-on training day: $499 USD

Please ask your CSM or CSA for more information. Additional details, including early bird rates, coming soon!

Innovation Zone

We are underway working with our customer facilities in an effort to discover how we can help improve surgical workflow efficiencies as well as address the day-to-day challenges surrounding the surgical space with Orchestrator. Over the next few months we’ll continue to work closely together on this revolutionary platform. Exciting times on the horizon! Learn more about Orchestrator here.

This month we celebrate our Discipline: Unwavering & Relentless Focus core value. Congratulations to Picis’ Alex Pijoan, Director of Research and Development who won the corporate award!

To learn more about all of Harris Computer’s core values, visit our website! #WeAreHarris

Upcoming Events

Join us for our final monthly webinar of the year:

2nd Annual Holiday Extravaganza

This session will be a live video broadcast and will also include giveaways for two lucky attendees!

Invitation coming soon!

Since this is our last edition of 2019, from Team Picis to you, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! See you in 2020!

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