The Picis Line – Q3 2019

Message from Marcus 

I grew up the youngest of 3 boys in the 70’s.  I remember when I was a kid (many, many, many years ago), when the doorbell would ring, we all came running to the door.  It was a surprise when someone came calling – even if ultimately it was just a sales call.  Same thing when the phone rang; yes, the rotary phone.  We’d race to the phone, always beaten to the punch by my mom or dad, and anxiously wait to hear who it was.  Another surprise!

Fast forward some 40+ years…and when the doorbell rings, my kids peer from a hidden corner to see who the stranger is knocking on door.  When we had a home phone several years ago, and it rang in the evening, everyone froze, waiting for the answering machine to pick up, so we could listen to who might be invading our private space.

What happened from when I was a kid to now?  When did things change so dramatically?   Or did things just evolve over time?  How did we become so exceptionally cautious?  We used to ride bikes without a helmet and ride in the car without a seat belt.

Some parts of progress can be hard to understand.  Others are easier.  We’re happy with the advances in mobile devices and connectivity.  We’re thrilled with our ability to “Google” anything and everything and the subsequent accelerated learning.  And we are certainly thrilled with the advances in medicine over the past four decades.

The steady advancement of technology is intertwined with the advances in medicine.  Over the past 25 years, Picis has been an integral part of that journey, hand in hand with clinicians.  We are proud of our steady partnership with healthcare teams.  When Picis first entered the market two and a half decades ago, we were singularly focused on developing a solution that would yield advances that could benefit clinicians and patients.  Since acquiring Picis from Optum in late 2015, we have reinvigorated that singular focus and delivered enhancements, functionality and new solutions like Envision, Waveforms, and Sepsis Screening and have plans to rollout new versions of our Core Products in early 2020.

Recently, we have begun exploring the issue of clinician burnout.  Sadly, clinician burnout has a dramatic impact on patient care, patient safety and the overall patient experience.  A 2018 Mayo Clinic study revealed that 86% of surgeons stated that they felt burned out from their work.  Moreover, a 2018 Canadian Medical Association survey of 2,547 physicians showed that 30% believe they have signs of burnout.  In that same study, 8% of those physicians reported suicidal tendencies.  Staggeringly, that is 3 times greater than that of the general population.  Think about it; clinicians are 3 times as likely as “John Q Public” to commit suicide based on burnout.  Even in the face of those incredible statistics, a 2019 Joint Commission Study revealed that 56% of clinicians believe their facilities are either slightly ineffective or highly ineffective at helping their staff address burnout.  One of the key drivers of burnout is that clinicians feel an inability to provide accessible, quality care to all in need.  The challenges with staffing levels and the inability of their current systems to anticipate and cope with unexpected activities is another driver in the perioperative space.  The struggles that clinicians feel from the ancillary tasks beyond focusing on patient care are an inordinate burden.  Clinicians aren’t trained logisticians, they’re experts in providing care not managing spreadsheets and data.  Clinician burnout is an issue and Picis is working to find ways to mitigate the burdens that lead to it.  Over the next several months we’ll be sharing more about a new product aptly named Orchestrator and we welcome your input on how we can refine it to address the key drivers clinicians must deal with that add to their burden.

The last quarter of a century has proven our commitment to searching for solutions that can help those who care for and serve others.  As we embark on our next quarter century, our focus is even more razor sharp.  We have learned many lessons along the way.  And we’re applying those lessons to our road map of products.  From new products, to enhancements, to new versions of our core products, our next 25 years begins with a renewed energy towards advancements.  One thing is for sure, if you call us or stop by our offices in Wakefield or Barcelona, we’ll always be eager to answer!

Marcus Perez
EVP, Picis


Paging by Email Notification within SmarTrack

SmarTrack includes a staff emailing capability from the main SmarTrack window.  SmarTrack can send messages to any device capable of receiving emails or texts including:

Note: Some telephone service providers offer an email-to-SMS capability.

Paging within Tracking Screens has the ability to send to either ‘Page Staff’ or ‘Page Booking Staff’.

Note: Paging requires that Database Mail on the SQL server is set up and configured to work with the site’s email system.

 Contact our support team for more information!

R&D Update

8.6 Core Applications 

Picis 10

SmarTrack Next and STGo

Professional Services

Meet the Team

Noel Dion, Director of Professional Services

Starting in 2008 as part of the Picis training team, Noel has lived the full Picis experience over the past 11 plus years.  Noel started his career as a technical trainer in Professional Services and became a team lead once Optum purchased Picis.  In 2016 Noel took on the role of Manager of the Technical Leads and Reporting with the Professional Services organization.  In this role Noel managed a variation of implementation resources including but not limited to Technical Project Leads and Report Writers.  As of May 2019 Noel has taken on a much larger role as Director of Professional Services for Picis.  In his current role Noel is responsible for the delivery, implementation and training of our customer base (including new and existing customers). Noel is also responsible for revenue forecasting for Picis and reporting all the financials up to Harris.

Noel received his Bachelors of Science from Westfield State University.

CSM Update

Regional Customer Conferences are back!

As you may have seen, our Regional Customer Conferences are back and as exciting as ever. In addition to interacting with Picis experts, these conferences offer the chance to interact with and learn from your colleagues at various facilities both near and far to you.  As many attendees will attest to – this is an invaluable component of these events.

That said, we also know that your leadership will want to know what other great things you will learn about.  So here are some key topics we plan to cover this year.  There are some others that we are working on and you will be asked about areas you would like us to consider in the near future. Please complete this short survey to let us know what you want to hear about at the conference and be entered to win a FREE registration.

Key Agenda Items:

Staying Afloat in Healthcare – It’s our 25th anniversary, so what have we seen, what have we learned and where is healthcare going?

Exploring the Ocean – What are some of the hidden gems, the features and functions you may not know about

Beneath the Waves – Deeper dives into some of the most requested topics from our monthly webinars

Ask the Captain(s) – Customer Forum: Ask us anything that’s on your mind

Charting our Course – Picis Product Roadmap Refresh

Navigating the waters – Reporting and Analytics: What’s possible and what’s new

Understanding our Environment – How enhancing patient engagement can truly benefit everyone

Our Next Voyage – Innovation Think Tank: What we are doing? What do you want to see in Healthcare?

If you are looking for additional information or to register, please visit our website: These events are always fun and valuable, we look forward to seeing you there!


Innovation Zone

After 25 years in the surgical space, we at Picis have been noodling on an idea. As we continue to have discussions with clients and partners we feel that we might just be onto something! The idea revolves around all things perioperative….. from staff scheduling, to tracking, to sterilization, to EVERYTHING necessary to make a case flow efficiently and successfully.

Currently, the landscape surrounding surgery is comprised of various disparate systems. We feel the time has come for us to address this with a comprehensive solution that will orchestrate the surgical experience in its’ entirety. If you have a few minutes for a brief chat, we would certainly value your expertise and welcome you to be involved in a true game changer!

If you are interested in learning more or being a part of this innovation, complete the form here.

This month’s value is Communicate & Share Knowledge. What does this value mean to you and how do you see it lived within your facility?To learn more about all of Harris Computer’s core values visit our website! #WeAreHarris #HarrisValues #ValueSeries #CommunicateShareKnowledge

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