The Picis Line – Q2 2020

Message from Marcus 

Please let me begin with the hope that everyone reading this and those closest to them remain healthy and safe.  In these tumultuous times, that has to be our highest priority!  Much has changed in the world and the world of healthcare since our last newsletter.  As we all search for ways to adjust to our “new normal” both professionally and personally, we are learning and growing in unanticipated directions.

At the outset, our initial focus was on creating a safe work environment for staff.  In mid-March, we shut down both the Wakefield and Barcelona offices and went to a 100% remote work force.  We then began immediately uncovering how we could help our customers prepare for the COVID-19 surge.  We have provided our Critical Care solution for temporary ICU expansions at numerous sites within VA as well as internationally.  Allowing our customers to ramp quickly and efficiently, with minor cost, was well received.  Simultaneously, we made eView similarly available to our customers to quickly limit bedside exposure for clinicians.  In fact, at the VISN 8 site at Bay Pines, Jeff Whitney, Randy Kelley and the team worked to add new ventilator indicators on eView to support clinicians caring for multiple mechanically ventilated patients. Bay Pines called on a Tuesday asking for help and by Wednesday we had created the solution – amazing!

With project work slowing, our professional services team has focused on creating a “standard build” of our solutions based on 25 years of best practices.  Soon, we will be able to offer this standard build to any new customer.  This will make implementations smoother, faster and subsequently less expensive for customers.  It will also make support over the long term much easier as well.  In addition to the standard build work, the professional services team has created corresponding user documentation, along with a certification process; both necessary to drive educated users who can maximize the power or our products.  In the process, the team has worked on cross training within the department, driving greater bandwidth for the team.  This will be critically important as projects begin to ramp back up in the months to come.

We’ve had numerous conversations with customers over the past several weeks, mostly geared toward seeing what we could do to alleviate their challenges.  As a result of those conversations we embarked on creating a product to help manage the ever-growing surgical backlog.  PriorityQ will help facilities order the massive volume of cases, based on a severity score from the surgeon and the facility’s parameters.  PriorityQ will deliver a load plan for cases, week to week, to facilitate patient conversations as well as thorough, proactive planning.  Our R&D team was able to literally go from idea to product in under three weeks!!  Our first webinar showcased the flexibility of the product, much to the delight of the many prospects and customers that attended.  We could not be more proud of the way our R&D staff pulled together, working virtually around the clock, to deliver this fabulous solution!!

We’ll also be educating the market about the scheduling module of our Orchestrator product and SmarTrack Next over the coming weeks.  Once facilities understand how much of the case load can be done in a given week and which cases take priority, they can use Orchestrator to craft the daily surgery schedule down to the finest detail.  Most facilities will also not be allowing family members into the building to support loved ones during their surgical journey.  The SmarTrack Next physician and family portals will be incredibly easy and valuable tools to make sure everyone is informed in spite of the restrictions within the hospital.  Waiting rooms and post-surgery, in-room visits may be practices of the past; giving hospitals the ability to meet tomorrow’s anticipated challenges today is one hallmark of what has made Picis successful for 25 years!

I’m exceedingly proud of the way our staff has performed over the past two months. As James Lane Allen said, “Adversity does not build character, it reveals it.”  Our team has risen to the challenges this pandemic has created, day after day.  And we’ve done so while continually maintaining our focus on the health and safety of our teammates and their loved ones.  At the Picis event in 2019, I challenged us all with the statement “How we treat each other in pursuit of our purpose, is everything.”  As I reflect over the last few months, I cannot ask for more from our team!

Marcus Perez

EVP, Picis


Scheduling Crystal Report in OR Manager

The Report Scheduler feature lets you to create defined report schedules for printing your external reports. The advantage of this feature is it will allow you to schedule your SAP Crystal Reports to run at user-defined intervals automatically rather than having to run those reports manually. The following scheduling interval options are included in the Report Scheduler.

In addition to the schedule interval any date or datetime parameters defined in the Crystal Report can be defined in the schedule as well. Currently only date and datetime parameters will be visible in the Report Scheduler window.

External reports that are based on a stored procedure will not be visible in the Report Scheduler list of available reports to schedule. 

To schedule reports in OR Manager, go to Maintenance > Schedule External Reports.

Define the following conditions in Security Manager to use the external report:

Knowledge Base

The support team is happy to announce the launch of our new Knowledge Base (KB), which can be accessed via our support page. In the KB, you will find downloadable documentation containing step-by-step instructions for Picis OR Manager and Picis Clinical Applications. Check back regularly for new content in the coming months.

Contact your Client Solution Administrator (CSA) for more information.

R&D Update

8.6 Core Applications 

Picis 10




Professional Services

Our professional services team is happy  to announce that during the week of May 4 we conducted our very first 100% remote go -live! It was a huge success and we are pleased that we are able to implement and go-live 100% remotely!

Contact our support or professional services team for more information!

CSM Update

NPS Survey: Spring 2020! 

We hope you are all staying healthy and safe during this unprecedented time and wanted to let you know due to the timing of all of this we delayed our NPS survey. But as we all continue to adapt to our new normal (for now), we are going to be moving forward with the survey and it will be in your inbox shortly! We will be reaching out to ask for your feedback in order to continue to improve and provide you with the products and service you expect. You will be receiving a 30-second survey from Survey Monkey and we hope you take a moment to respond.


What is the NPS Survey?

The NPS Survey is how we gather direct feedback from our customers to ensure we are delivering on our promises and understand their needs. Using this information, we align our actions and strategies with our customers’ needs.

Based on previous feedback from this survey, we’ve implemented new customer strategies and developed product features to meet our customers’ needs.

We ask that you respond as accurately as possible and let us know if you have questions prior to responding.

The survey will arrive via Survey Monkey on Monday, June 1st and will close on Friday, June 12th.

We thank you in advance for participating and truly value your feedback.

Contact your Client Solution Administrator (CSA) for more information.

Innovation Zone


As we prepare for the resumption of elective, non-urgent surgical procedures, proper planning is crucial to preventing unanticipated outcomes, like the spread of COVID-19, while also making sure facility priorities can be achieved. As a result of this global pandemic, existing surgical backlogs continue to grow exponentially; patients are left to wonder when their surgery will take place, surgeons are clamoring to secure OR time, facilities are endeavoring to assess resources, supplies and assets, all while focusing on preventing clinician burnout and maintaining a high level of patient care.

PriorityQ incorporates surgeon schedules, patient/procedure severity and resource availability to provide a forward-looking, load planning schedule. This insight helps administrators and clinicians plan how to manage the surgical queue weeks in advance with the flexibility to adjust on a day-to-day basis. PriorityQ can be quickly implemented to help your facility begin managing the backlog of surgeries as the world recovers from the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact us for more information.

Orchestrator: Surgical Staff Scheduling and Asset Management

To help hospitals manage the daunting task of reducing case backlog, Picis has launched two modules of the Orchestrator solution ahead of schedule! As a vendor agnostic solution, we are excited to work with many new organizations to simplify Surgical Staff Scheduling and Asset Management.

As the foundation of the Orchestrator solution, the Surgical Staff Scheduling platform uses existing OR case bookings, surgical staff skillsets and employee availability to populate OR staff schedules.

Leveraging the same OR bookings, the Asset Management add-on module can reduce delays by assigning large devices to cases that require them, as well as track their maintenance schedules and physical location. Surgical departments currently experiencing a lighter case load may use this opportunity to better prepare for the wave of backlogged cases that require these limited assets.

Stay tuned for more on the upcoming Orchestrator modules: Tray & Instrument and Tissue & Implant tracking!

Contact us now to learn the benefits of our early adopter program. Learn more about the solution here.



Staff Scheduling: Calendar View

Staff Scheduling: Assignment View

Asset Management: Calendar View

Asset Management: List View

Harris News

The impact of COVID-19: A Message from the Harris Computer CEO. Listen here.

This month’s value is Understand Reality, Make Difficult Decisions.

What does this value mean to you and how do you see it lived within your facility?

To learn more about Harris Computer’s businesses, visit its website! #WeAreHarris

Upcoming Events

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve made the decision to postpone our customer conferences to Spring 2021.

We are excited about planning an even bigger and better event for all of you! Additionally, with a change of seasons, we would like to entertain new locations for the conferences.

For the time being, here is some preliminary information that may be helpful for your facility as you begin planning the schedule and budget.

Tentative Dates

Tentative Pricing
*Conversions are based on current exchange rate and will be calculated at time of invoicing.

To get the planning kicked off, we want to hear from you! Please complete a brief survey to provide your feedback. Stay tuned for additional information in the coming months!






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