The Picis Line – Q2 2019

Message from Marcus 

A few weeks ago, I made a visit to our office in Barcelona.  While the trip there is a bit long, I absolutely love visiting our staff there.  About a third of our entire team works from our Barcelona office, the bulk of them working in our Research & Development group.

Each time I visit Barcelona, I learn something new about the city and the culture, as well as the incredible work our team is doing there.  As a visitor to the city, I am desperately trying to learn Spanish and then eventually Catalan, which is a language unique to the Barcelona region.  The process for my learning is painstakingly slow and aided greatly by Google Translate!  While I stumbled through it, I was able to order coffee and a few meals in Spanish and what I noticed is how much the locals genuinely appreciated my effort, as pitiful as it may have been.

I also noticed how incredibly hospitable the people of Barcelona are.  Part of that is a function of it being such an attractive destination for tourists.  Still, it really stood out to me this trip.  One big thing I noticed was the cultural commitment to being present every day.  In the mornings, everyone begins the day enjoying time with family.  As you watch the flow of people in the city, you see mothers and fathers walking with their children, heading to school, completely engaged.  They don’t look like they are “rushing” off to start the day, like I often felt when I would take my young children to school.  In the evenings, you can see families, friends and couples truly enjoying their time together.  Dinner time is much later (the only people in restaurants at 7:00pm are tourists) and the café tables are filled as late as 11:00pm.  It stood out to me this trip – people are in the moment, not constantly in a harried state.

I think this rings true at work as well.  Our team in Barcelona works with a true focus and passion for our products and customers.  It is obvious in the progress they have made since we reorganized the team last spring.  A year ago, a reorganization was driven by my frustration in the lack of substantive progress on development projects.  I was concerned that we were simply stuck in cycles and habits of the past, where there was no real emphasis on either innovating or making significant improvements to the product.  We needed to be more in the moment!

Since the change, the team has had to sort through the clutter, make plans for innovation and enhancements, and then deliver.  As you may know, we now have several add-on products available and ready for use, including Waveform Electronic Documenting and Sepsis Screening.  We also have resolved many of the challenges in the SmarTrack Next product.  On May 3rd, SmarTrack Next Go was released.  This mobile app truly is a massive value add for clinicians and family members alike, improving the overall patient experience significantly.

The team has a clear line of sight to delivering Picis 10, with the clinical products (Anesthesia, Critical Care, PACU) available next quarter and the administrative products (ORM, SmarTrack) available by the end of the year.  The biggest improvement in Picis 10 lies in the infrastructure changes.  Why is that such a big deal when no one will actually “see” it?  Those infrastructure changes will now allow us to add enhancements in a much shorter time frame.  We will be able to, for the first time in many years, create a road map for the next 3 releases of the product that describe the enhancements on the horizon.  We will engage customers to get their feedback every step of the way.  Everyone, from employees to customers, will have all the visibility they could ask for about how the product will be evolving.

This visibility will drive improvements in a much more interactive, collaborative manner.  Over the next several weeks, our developers will “hit the road” and get out to customer sites, so they can better understand our customer’s workflows and needs.  We’ll then share that information and build the road map with that customer input at the forefront of every decision.  While this may seem pretty logical, I can assure you it is a “culture change” for Picis.

We are unbelievably proud of the energy and effort of our R&D team over the past 14 months.  What they have accomplished has taken an inordinate amount of work; there were many long days, intense discussions and difficult decisions.  The foundation has been laid for us to now focus on Picis 10 and the enhancements we can craft systematically over the coming years with three minor releases annually.  It reflects the fact that in spite of the challenges, our team was “present” every day, intent on making the investments to create a better future!  When we plan the celebratory launch dinner, we’ll make sure to not make the reservations before 9:00pm!

Marcus Perez
EVP, Picis


How to Check Template Edits on Level 2 Configuration Set

By convention, most hospitals define template settings in a Level 1 configuration set.  Each area within the hospital would then have additional (non-template) settings defined in a Level 2 configuration set.  If a specific template has been edited in a Level 2 configuration set, those settings would be used at the workstation instead of the main template settings defined in a Level 1 configuration set.  Unintentional changes to template settings in a Level 2 configuration set could cause unintended changes in the display of the template at the workstation.

Below are the steps to check if template edits have been made in a Level 2 Configuration Set for users running Picis 8.6.

  1. Open Customize on the workstation (C:\Program Files (x86)\Picis\LIVE\bin\CPCustomize.exe).
  2. Select the Level 2 Configuration set you wish to adjust under the Configuration Set drop down.
  3. Click the Open button next to Advanced Configuration > Configuration Editor.
  4. On the left-hand side click the arrow to expand the World: REALTIME
  5. A list of Zones will be displayed within REALTIME, corresponding to each template, have naming convention <template prefix>_RT.
  6. If the name of the template appears in Bold font, that means the template settings have been edited within this configuration set. If normal font, the template has not been edited in this configuration set.

 Contact our support team for more information!

R&D Update

8.6 Core Applications 


Picis 10

SmarTrack Next

Professional Services

Did you know that you can do many functions from within the Booking Options menus?

You can change the facility, change patient, clear the current booking just to name a few. We found that many of our customers were going to into the Schedule Viewer to change the facility or going into Manage Bookings to do some of these actions. Check out the functions you can do from the BOOKING OPTIONS menu.

CSM Update

Picis is celebrating 25 years, and it’s our goal to see as many of you as possible, so we are taking a different approach to customer conferences this year.

Picis is excited to announce we will be doing Regional Customer Conferences in 2019. These events have been incredibly successful and well attended in the past and we are excited to be bringing them back at the request of many of our valued customers!

These 2-day events will consist of training and education sessions, group and peer breakout discussions, new product revelations and overall Picis information. Hosted by the same trusted resources you have become so familiar with over the years, these events promise to engage, educate and energize you and your team. Of course, we also want to have the chance to get to know one another and expect to do that over an evening event full of fun!

The first confirmed conference dates and locations are as follows:

September 24 & 25 – Toronto, ON (facility TBD)

October 2 & 3 – Philadelphia, PA, Fox Chase Cancer Center

We look forward to sharing more information with you as it becomes available including accommodations, travel and other event details.

Current date subject to change based on availability


Innovation Zone

Who remembers the Science Fairs when they were growing up?  Gathering in the school gymnasium with your tri-fold and a cup of dirt or a paper mache volcano eagerly awaiting your turn to explain how your experiment provides breakthrough insight into the world of science.  At Picis, we are constantly focused on innovation, and we too are trying to identify the next breakthrough insight that will make you as customers more successful.  At our annual Picis Team event earlier this year, we culminated a 3-month effort of brainstorming, innovating and developing prototypes of solutions that will help deliver value to our end users.

Our entire organization gathered together with tri-folds and working prototypes of ideas to present how we improve on the products and services we deliver each day.  In all, we had 16 ideas presented, each one was evaluated and we are now investing in several ideas to potentially bring to you.  Some of the ideas that stood out are as follows:

Patient Assistant

An automated solution that ensures patients are better informed and ready for their procedure.  Reduces cancellations and drives patient engagement throughout the perioperative experience.

Bed Manager 2.0

Streamlined bed management for the OR & PACU by providing transparency and alignment for Admissions, Housekeeping, Inpatient Nursing and the greater OR Department.

Critical Care Assistant

A mobile app which will allow the Nurse or Critical Care staff to use a mobile device (Android, iOS device, etc.) to document scheduled assessments\tasks\meds and other events for multiple patients without having to interact with desktop machines.

Sepsis Mobile

A mobile platform that provides notifications to clinicians based on the hospital’s pre-defined rules for identifying Sepsis conditions. The screening tool could be based on monitors/laboratory/scores and could be sent to smartphones or smartwatches of doctors and nurses who are providing patient care.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to Kathy Knoblich from New England Baptist Hospital for her great insight and feedback at the event. If any of these ideas connect with you or you have questions or thoughts, we’d love to hear from you.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more:


Congratulations to the first graduating class of Harris Academy!

Way to go Team Picis: Nick Bartelloni, Chris Lamont, Alex Pijoan and Jay Adams (Facilitator)



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Tuesdays with Theresa

June 4th, 9AM PST/12PM EST

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2019 National Conferences

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