The Picis Line – Q1 2020

Message from Marcus 

My wife and I are empty nesters; our youngest left for college back in August and we are still adjusting to a new reality. With FaceTime, we actually “see” our kids pretty frequently so it’s not nearly as difficult as I had anticipated. When I first started in my role at Picis, we had just welcomed a puppy into our house named Max. Our white lab Max is now three years old and a few weeks back, probably because the house still feels quieter than it should, we welcomed a new yellow lab puppy, Murphy, into the house. “Max needed a brother” was the reasoning that made sense. But truly, I think we needed more activity inside our home!

Murphy has definitely delivered on the activity front! He’s smart and stubborn, playful and energetic. He’s chewed on so, so many things and made our guy Max look at us with these eyes that say “What the heck did you do?” Yet other times, when I’m making dinner or working at my desk, suddenly I notice Max playing up a storm with Murphy. As much as Max may be disappointed with not being the only lab in the house or disillusioned with how much attention Murphy gets on our walks, Max loves having a partner to share his time with!

I think we are wired similarly. While we all sit down to work every day focused on “our tasks” we rarely enjoy a full day without interactions with others. Most people thrive on human interactions. That sense of being connected to someone else, to a shared experience, moves the needle for most people.

As I reflect on my three years at Picis, what stands out most for me are the shared experiences, the connections; with staff and customers alike. I believe that we all are committed to a common focus: finding ways to deliver solutions that can improve the quality of care. The dedicated clinicians we serve are myopically focused, day in and day out, on anything and everything that will help their patients thrive. The relationships I’ve been fortunate enough to establish with our customers and with our team has helped me truly understand the depth of commitment each person makes on behalf of patients.

As we gather momentum in early 2020, I’m genuinely excited about the strength of our relationships, internally and externally. We have made enhancements to our core products based on feedback from customers, gathered through the strength of our relationships. In short order, we will be deploying our Orchestrator product to the market. It is an amazing product born out of an idea that sprang from a partnership between two of our staff members, followed by a second partnership with a customer. I’m convinced that if not for those bonds, we would never have made it to this point!

In 2020, one of my goals is to visit 25 customers, face to face. I want to learn from them, understand their unique challenges and find a way to help them achieve their lofty targets. I have also committed to a quarterly meeting with each department within Picis, where I can answer any questions and we can discuss our go-forward strategy. Those 16 internal meetings, combined with our annual Picis event, will help me fortify partnerships and help strengthen the fabric of our team.

Ultimately, what we can accomplish together is immeasurable; it relies simply on the strength we can muster together. The joy of being at Picis is that no one cares who “gets the credit” as long as we can continuously deliver! Max already gets that – he doesn’t mind that much if Murphy gets more attention, as long as Murphy rests next to him. The connectedness is what matters most!

Marcus Perez
EVP, Picis


CQI Clients Only

This is a new feature in CT-E that allows you to change the patient at the point of finalizing a case. Sometimes when a patient is scheduled as a “New” patient and then the patient is registered in the ADT system the information does not match and a duplicate is created. Since the patient that was scheduled does not match the patient that was registered and received a Medical Record Number and Account Number, when you try to finalize the case you may get the message below:












This means that there is a duplicate patient that already has an MPI (MRN) number and you need to change the patient.

To change to the correct patient, click on the “Change Patient” button as shown








This brings up a screen that shows the current patient. At this point enter the MPI/MRN number for the patient and click on the button. This will then show the patient with that MRI/MPI number in the bottom of the screen. Check the box next to the correct patient and click on the “Switch” button.

Contact our support team for more information!

R&D Update

8.6 Core Applications 

Picis 10

SmarTrack Next and STGo

Professional Services

Announcement for sites with OR Manager and Clinical Applications

Crystal Reports Scheduler

Looking for a better way to streamline the delivery of your Picis Crystal Reports? The Report Scheduler lets you define a schedule for running Crystal Reports rather than having to run those reports manually daily, weekly, monthly and/or yearly. These schedules can easily be built, managed and executed within your OR Manager application.

Forms Builder

Looking to improve the look and feel of your clinical printouts? Forms Builder is the solution for you and your team to build out your clinical printouts for the Perioperative and Critical Care areas of your hospital. The Picis Professional Services team will work with your clinicians to build the right clinical printout to meet your hospital’s needs.

Contact our support or professional services team for more information!

CSM Update

NPS Survey Spring 2020! 

Punxsutawney Phil could not find his shadow so and as the legend goes, this means we’re in for an early spring; that’s good news for those of us here in Boston! With spring coming, so is the Picis NPS Survey. We will be reaching out to ask for your feedback in order to continue to improve and provide you with the products and service you expect. You will be receiving a 30-second survey from Survey Monkey and we hope you take a moment to respond.

What is the NPS Survey?

The NPS Survey is how we gather direct feedback from our customers to ensure we are delivering on our promises and understand their needs. Using this information, we align our actions and strategies with our customers’ needs.

Based on previous feedback from this survey, we’ve implemented new customer strategies and developed product features to meet our customers’ needs.

We ask that you respond as accurately as possible and let us know if you have questions prior to responding.

The survey will arrive via Survey Monkey on Thursday, April 30th.

We thank you in advance for participating and truly value your feedback

Please ask your CSM or CSA for more information.

Innovation Zone

We’re thrilled to update that we’ve begun working with our GVG (Growth Validation Group) partners in our first iteration phase! The surgical staff scheduling pillar has been the focus of this initial series of meetings. The feedback we’ve been receiving has been extremely positive as we begin to work together in making the vision a reality. Be on the lookout for updates as Orchestrator is quickly evolving! Learn more here.

Staff Scheduling: Calendar View

Staff Scheduling: Assignment View

Harris News

Did you know Constellation Software Inc., Harris’ parent company, was named the top volume acquirer of software companies for 2019 by Corum Group Ltd.? Harris contributed 23 of those acquisitions!

To learn more about Harris Computer’s businesses, visit its website! #WeAreHarris

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