The Picis Line – Q1 2019

Message from Marcus 

As you may know, I help coach a high school basketball team in my free time. I absolutely love it, as imparting life lessons to young men using basketball as the vehicle is a huge passion for me.  Coaches and teams have shaped me throughout my life.  There is such amazing power in being part of something larger than self and I gravitate to teams magnetically.  I have been coaching for many, many years in varying capacities at varying levels and I can’t imagine not being connected in some way to the game, to teams and to giving back to young people the way others gave to me so many years ago.  I tell the boys throughout the course of a season that each team has a life of its own and each year, a new team goes through that life cycle.  Next year’s team will be different – kids will graduate and new kids will make the roster.  Subsequently, each team has its own personality; no two are alike.

Similarly, each year Picis has its own life cycle as well.  Each year we start out with projections and goals, then work towards them diligently.  As we enter this year, we are focusing our attention on our team, our culture and our purpose.  That may sound strange at first – a business focusing on the team.  For me, however, it makes perfect sense.  We have spent the past few years since the acquisition doing some foundational work – reorganizing departments, rebuilding our brand, developing new products and driving growth in the market.  We have added several new customers and expanded our offerings in ways a few thought possible back when Picis became part of Harris.  Each year has been filled with milestone achievements as well as obstacles and setbacks.

My basketball team finished the season with 21 wins and 2 losses.  Yet, it was the losses I found the most meaningful.  We learned from them and we found ways to improve!  Ultimately, our success came from our struggle and so the struggle had tremendous value.  I believe the same can be said for our team at Picis.  We have celebrated our many successes – new products to market, new customers on our core products and measurable growth as a business for the first time in years.  It is the setbacks though that I have found the most value in.  Many of those setbacks were a by-product of stretching our limits and challenging ourselves to exceed even our own expectations.  I, for one, embraced and encouraged those stretches and challenges, essentially contributing mightily to creating the obstacles that impeded us.  The setbacks have helped us grow immeasurably!  Without them, we wouldn’t know that we could rally an entire team from across departments to resolve a critical customer issue; we wouldn’t have known that we could develop products that have a dramatic impact helping clinicians focus on patient safety, like Waveforms and Sepsis Screening; we wouldn’t have learned how to build our analytics platform, Envision, to deliver real data to help clinicians drive the best outcomes possible.  Each of those products were built, reshaped based on customer feedback, and refined; some were even scrapped and started from scratch with a new purpose.  The setbacks made us better!

This year, we will continue to evolve, innovate, learn and grow – and learning from our mistakes, past and future, will be a key ingredient.  We know we can’t be perfect.  We can, however, face toward our problems, realizing that the road to success is actually paved with mistakes well handled!  We have our annual company event at the end of February, dubbed Team Picis.  During the two-day offsite gathering of our entire employee base from across the globe, we will focus on how we improve our team collectively, the individual contributions and adjustments each of us must make for the betterment of the group, and the touchstones we can craft to keep improving our culture.  Our number one internal task is to take care of each other.  That means when a teammate needs help, we give it and when we need help we ask.  Our primary responsibility as an organization is to our customers and their patients’ safety.  We will explore how we can strengthen the construct of our organization to deliver on that responsibility, making sure we take care of each other as the one constant in the process.  We will use our setbacks as vehicles to crystallize our purpose.

As the buzzer sounded on the end of our team’s last game, I tried to gather my thoughts to help the boys understand that the lessons of the last few months would stay with them for a lifetime.  It is difficult, even after 28 years of coaching teams, to synthesize thousands of moments across the season into a few sentences.  The best I could muster was to thank them for their effort and help them understand how deeply I respect their commitment to each other.  It was palpable all season, even when we struggled; especially when we struggled.  And that genuine dedication to the people on either side of you is what we should all strive to continually be mindful of.  When 2019 comes to a close, my hope is that our Picis team will have the same connectedness and that our customers will know, unequivocally, that it makes all the difference in how we serve them!

Marcus Perez
EVP, Picis


How to Change the Default Workstation Template for a Configuration Set

Below are the steps to Change the Default Workstation Template for a Configuration Set for users running Picis 8.6:

  1. Open Customize on the workstation (C:\Program Files (x86)\Picis\LIVE\bin\CPCustomize.exe).
  2. Select the Configuration set you wish to adjust under the Configuration Set drop down.
  3. Click the Open button next to Configuration Editor.
  4. On the left hand side click on DBAPI > ADT > General.
  5. Here you will see the DefaultEnvironmentType DBOID. This is the DBOID of the Environment which will be the default template for the workstation.
  6. Now Open DB Editor (C:\Program Files (x86)\Picis\LIVE\bin\dBTouchUp.exe) and under “Auxiliary Tables” open “Environment Types”.
  7. Find the “DBOID” associated with the “Description” (Template) that corresponds with the template that you want to be the default.
  8. Update the value for “DefaultEnvironmentType” DBOID in the “General” section from step 4 with the desired Template DBOID, save, and test.

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R&D Update

8.6 Core Applications 


Picis 10

SmarTrack Next

Professional Services

Did you know…

there are 2 ways to connect medical devices?

  1. Serial through a cable that is directly connected to the medical device
  2. Through the network thru HL7 Interface.

 RS-232 and HL7 Comparison

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CSM Update

NPS is coming February 19th!

Our now bi-annual customer satisfaction survey is set to launch on February 19th.  NPS is a way for us to gauge your feelings as it relates to Picis.  We ask a simple question in the hopes of getting feedback and even insight into how we can continue to improve.  We truly hope you take a minute to answer the question so we might better serve you with services and solutions in the future.


Innovation Zone

An Invitation to Innovation! As we celebrate 25 years of past accomplishments, we feel it’s an equally opportune time to look forward to developing the landscape of the future! We are thrilled to announce the birth of a robust new initiative, Project Orchestrator. The solution is focused on streamlining and simplifying the perioperative process in its entirety. We are currently in the discovery process with a select group of facilities, embracing the voids and inefficiencies of current procedures while identifying opportunities to provide cutting edge solutions and optimal value. Stay tuned for updates and PLEASE don’t hesitate to contribute any pertinent insight or ideas you can offer!

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