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Message from Marcus 


As we head into “holiday season” it is always a natural time to look back on the year.  I like to reflect on the big picture more than I actually get to, so I’m grateful for the holidays – this time is a great reminder to slow down and think!

2018 was a Foundational Year for Picis.  While we did not achieve the growth we had planned for, we did successfully lay the foundation for growth in 2019 and beyond.  Specifically, we are now delivering new products into the market.  The joy of innovating isn’t just the thrill that comes from building things (although our R&D team may argue that point).  The real joy is in delivering solutions to customer pain.  I look no further than our Sepsis Screening product, which is about to enter beta testing.  As I was doing research about Sepsis, I was stunned to read this fact: “Sepsis is more common than heart attacks and claims more lives than prostate cancer, breast cancer and AIDS, combined.  Yet, in even the most developed countries, fewer than half of the population has even heard of it.”

What an amazing data point!!  Our team came to us with the idea of Sepsis Screening in late winter and now, less than a year later, we are almost ready to make it an offering in the market.  That is indicative of the foundational work we have focused on at Picis this year.

Not every year can be one of stellar growth and success.  As one of my coaches once said “It’s how you impact the game when your shots aren’t falling that really tells everyone what kind of player you are.”

I actually coach a high school basketball team and I can tell you that the concept of investing in foundational work is becoming a lost art.  Everyone yearns for immediate gratification.  Perhaps it’s a function of our mobile devices and the constant access to information that makes us all believe that success is just a few keystrokes away.  I challenge the young men I coach to embrace the daily grind, to love to actually work.  When they do that, the success comes – it’s a natural byproduct!

I’m most proud of our staff for this year.  We have invested in the foundational work necessary for sustainable growth in the future.  It’s not easy and we are all a bit fatigued from the energy and effort it truly takes to put the right building blocks in place.  My late grandfather was a carpenter who could build a house from the ground up: electrical work, plumbing, everything!  He was an amazingly industrious man.  I worked for him in the summers as a teenager and my least favorite task was digging out the edges of a basement and placing the wood supports to pour the concrete foundation.  It was hard, hot, hand blistering work.  He would often remark that a great foundation makes a great house while wiping the sweat from his head.  He taught me how to love the grind.  And he’d be as proud of our Picis team this year as I am for the energy and effort we’ve invested.  I can’t wait to see the growth that will come as a result!!!

Marcus Perez
EVP, Picis


How to Set Up Perfect Trace to File for your Clinical Applications

At times, your CSA will ask you to capture a Perfect Trace file. Perfect Trace is a troubleshooting tool for diagnosing errors/issues that are being experienced by the end user with the application. Perfect Trace helps support to identify a root cause.

Below are the steps to setup Perfect Trace to File for users running Picis 8.6.

  1. Access the RegistrySettings.Config file on the workstation where the Picis clinical application is running. The RegistrySettings.Config file can be found in the  following folder:
  1. Edit the file RegistrySettings.Config on your desktop and find the line that begins with <PerfectTrace LogToPipe=”true”
  2. Change LogtoFile to equal “true”
  3. Change Foldername setting to be the folder where the log files from Perfect Trace will be saved. For example, Foldername =”perfecttrace”
  4. Close and save your changes to the file RegistrySettings.Config on the desktop
  5. Copy the file RegistrySettings.Config from the Desktop to the folder after you’ve backed up the original file.
  1. Restart your Picis clinical application and the output from the Perfect Trace will start logging to
  1. Once the issue has re-occurred, copy the perfect trace log files to a folder, zip up the files, and attach the zipped file to the support ticket and also include the time when the issue occurred.


R&D Update

8.6 Core Products

New releases coming


Picis 10

SmarTrack Next

New Web Platform

Professional Services

Did you know…

In 8.6 MR4, OR Manager now handles network disconnections.  A message window allows users to exit OR Manager or wait for the network to reconnect (preserving any edits made).  When there is a network disconnect, the user will see this window, and once network connectivity is restored, the user will be able to continue to finish their unsaved work.

 Contact our support team for more information!


By the end of 2018, we will have completed 9 HealthChecks for our customers. That is an amazing number to me. One of my favorite parts of the HealthCheck visits this year were the quick wins.

For example:

Those small but significant victories are incredible!

My goal for next year is one HealthCheck visit per month and we already have 5 customers ready to book their 2019 HealthCheck visits. Exceeding that goal would be FANTASTIC!

I hope each and every one of you have a Wonderful Holiday Season!!

-Theresa Sullivan

Innovation Zone

Innovation vs Ideation

What’s the difference between the two, and why does it matter? Innovation is a buzzword that we all hear that essentially means “doing new things.” … Innovation is the process of achieving business success through the development and delivery of new ideas. Innovation starts with an idea, and that starting block is IdeationIdeation is where ideas are born or die.  Ideation is the process where you generate ideas and solutions and evaluate which solutions to pursue.  At Picis, we realize we need to walk before we can run.  We need to Ideate before we can Innovate.  While we have multiple new solutions and functionality coming out every month, to ensure an Innovative tomorrow, we need to ensure we have Ideas today.  An absolutely critical part of Ideation is YOU, we can’t expect to Innovate without real ideas that will be used by real customers; thus why your input has been so critical to the current and future developments of our products.

We are looking for ideas & input. 

We want to hear from you –>

Harris Corporate News

HCTC was an exciting event filled with meaningful conversations, education and always a bit of fun!

Check out these pictures from this year’s customer conference! We hope you will join us next year!

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