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June 2018

Message from Marcus 


I have been an avid fitness enthusiast for as long back as I can remember. Perhaps it was the military that forged in me the discipline to go “get a sweat” every day. Or perhaps I just enjoy the mental cleansing that comes with physical exertion. No matter the reason, exercise is simply a regular part of my day, every day.

As we can all attest, not all days evolve equally. Some days, my body feels terrific and I breeze through my workout, reveling in every second. Other days, I feel older than my 50 years, and each rep/step is sheer drudgery.

Years ago, during my coaching days, our Strength & Conditioning Coach at the University of Missouri taught me a valuable lesson. He told me that when my body was not really responding positively, I was actually getting the most growth. He told me on those days, every little bit of effort made a huge difference and the key was to just “try”. If I could only get 20 minutes of activity, that was okay, provided that activity was a challenge to my system. That concept of “just trying” really resonated with me.

For those that know me, my favorite time of the day to exercise is lunch time. I’ve had a chance to tackle the key issues at work and my body and brain are both awake. The lunchtime workout breaks up my day and since I rarely eat lunch, I am back at my desk before most folks return from their hour for lunch. BUT, when I’m out traveling to our different offices or to customer meetings, lunchtime workouts are never a good fit with my agenda. Instead, I must exercise early in the morning before the day gets rolling.

I greatly dislike the morning workout – I much prefer coffee and the news first thing after waking up. In my military days, exercise was precisely how every day started and I suppose through the years of that, I have become weary of even the thought of it. Nonetheless, when necessary, I roll out of bed at a hotel wherever I am and grind through the morning workout. I know I’m not at my physical best, but I simply “try”.

Recently, at our annual Harris EVP Summit, Jeff Bender (our CEO) spoke about our willingness to “try”. His focus was on our willingness to try and explore ways to grow our business through innovations. We are encouraged to create “initiatives” within our businesses. These initiatives are essentially “start-ups” that we develop from ideas from staff. Spending time at customer sites during implementations or regular customer visits give our staff insights into ways we can help our customers resolve pain points they experience in their day to day workflows. We explore those ideas, vetting them in great detail and eventually invest in some of them, exploring if we can develop a solution that will exceed our customer’s expectations.

Initiatives are challenging because they are time-consuming and, like most startups, often fail. Still, Jeff’s point was he wanted the EVP’s to “try” to grow our businesses organically and one of the best ways to do that is through initiatives. I’m very proud to say we have “tried” quite frequently at Picis. Some of you may remember “Hawkeye”, which is still conceptually a great idea but has not really made traction. Our Envision analytics product actually began as an initiative.

Most recently, we plan to launch Waveforms, an electronic version of the readouts from connected devices in surgery, PACU and ICU. Rather than printing, pasting then scanning the first few minutes or key events of the monitor waveforms into the electronic patient record, Picis Waveforms allows customers to review and save these readouts within the Picis application itself. This reduces the potential for user error, helps clinicians improve patient safety while saving valuable time and resources. Picis Waveforms is just one of our many initiatives aimed at providing huge benefits to our customers by addressing their challenges in providing the highest quality of patient care. Be on the lookout for Decision Support as well as Implant Tracking. Michael Earley, our Director of Initiatives, has a growing list of over 20 ideas that he is exploring daily!

As we enter into the heart of the year, I hope you can see our desire to “try”. We ask lots and lots of questions – which can be annoying at times. But those questions are genuinely part of our desire to find more and more solutions for customers. Trying to continually look for ways to solve customer problems is critical to our growth and, like my workouts, trying is often victory in and of itself!

Marcus Perez
EVP, Picis





For our CQI application, did you know that patients with the same Medical Record Number but different names can be merged?

If you have two patients with the same Medical Record Number but different names (e.g. SMITH,JOHN A and SMITH,JOHN Q), you can merge the patients by changing the incorrect patient’s Medical Record Number.  The steps are as follows:

Files → Settings → System Defaults → Check off box ‘Allow Override of Medical Record Number’

Once confirmed that the above setting is checked proceed to:

Patient Demographics → Search → Search by patient name. Once you locate the incorrect patient highlight and Select. 

You can now change the Medical Record Number (e.g. add a “Z” to the end or a similar modification). Save the change. 

Patient records can now be merged:

Files → Settings → Tables → Merge Patient Records

Enter the patient with the “incorrect” Medical Record Number (the one previously modified). Add the CORRECT patient to the ‘Merge to MRN’ section. Click through the prompts to MERGE the patients. Select Confirm to complete the merging of the patient.


R&D Update

8.6 MR4 Ongoing with main features:


Picis 10:

OR Manager Next:

SmarTrack Next:


Professional Services

Did you know?

Back by popular demand in Picis 8.6 SP 6, you can once again use Quick Query!

 Quick Query is a Picis tool to create a simple and easy report that you use with the clinical applications.

Contact our support team for more information!



The HealthCheck schedule is filling up!! Over the last couple of months we have had two HealthChecks and have 2 to 3 more scheduled in the near future. Several of you have asked how to schedule a HealthCheck and what to expect during a HealthCheck visit.

Scheduling a HealthCheck is very easy. Contact me at or your Customer Success Manager and ask for a HealthCheck. Actually, any Picis contact can help you schedule a HealthCheck. Picis will send you a HealthCheck information sheet and a sample agenda. Depending on the Picis software you have implemented determines the number of days required on site. Typically, the HealthChecks are a two to three-day visit. HealthChecks work best if you schedule a conference room with projector and have the participants come to us for their session. This process gets the staff out of the work environment and can focus on answering questions and giving feedback without interruptions. The agenda you will receive is a sample agenda and can be reconfigured to meet the needs of the departments and staff. You can expect one to two Picis staff to attend the HealthCheck and we are very flexible with the time on-site. After the visit is complete, the Picis staff create a report of all of the findings and recommendations, along with a plan to execute the recommendations. A visit is scheduled with the hospital to present the findings and return on investment to the senior leadership team.

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Innovation Zone

Are you applying an innovative mindset in your daily activities? Does your organization work to drive new innovations? If so, we’d love to hear examples of how innovation has improved the lives of your coworkers, your patients or your processes. Feel free to send an email to if you have ideas, questions or want to share examples of innovation within your organization.


CAB Corner

We kicked off the CAB meetings with reviews of our new developments and upgrades coming soon! Picis is working on ORM Network disconnect, Waveforms and Clinical Decision support! Development listened to the feedback and are updating our enhancements accordingly. Picis truly appreciates the customers’ feedback and we look forward to hearing from you! Connect with Heather Davis ( for more information.


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