The Picis Line – December 2018

Message from Marcus 

Happy Holidays!!! As I write this, I am sitting in the Boston airport, waiting for my final flight of 2018!!  I have flown a great deal this year, so the prospect of this being my last flight is quite wonderful.  Many folks will be heading to and traveling through airports in the coming weeks and I am hopeful your trips will be uneventful!!

My next trip to an airport will be when my 20-year-old son arrives home from the US Coast Guard Academy next week.  Those are my favorite trips to Jacksonville International!!  There’s just something so incredibly comforting about having everyone under one roof, together, for a few days.  For me, the holidays are less about gifts or traditions and more about enjoying the little things. Being able to hug my family, enjoying the chance to simply look them in the eye, making them breakfast/lunch/dinner/coffee/whatever, and knowing that we remain as close or closer today than we were when their biggest focus was whether or not we left oats out in the yard for the reindeer to eat when Santa comes!

Throughout 2018, we have purposefully tried to keep you informed of our progress on products and the foundational work that will lead to our long-term growth.  I trust that you understand where we are, the work we have done, and the reasons why we feel so incredibly optimistic about our future.  As I look back and see the challenges we’ve overcome and acknowledge the hard work that has been done, I am infinitely proud of our team!  I realize that their personal rewards have not risen to the level of their effort and work.  It is a by-product of investing in foundational areas.

So, in this instant gratification, “what’s in it for me” world, what exactly is driving our team?  It’s a great question, whose answer I think lies in our vision for Picis.  We believe that the purpose behind Picis is to find avenues to continuously transform patient care through innovative surgical solutions.  That’s much, much more important to our staff than any short-term personal reward – and that makes all the difference!!

I had a conversation with one of our staff about his 2 young children, both under the age of 3, and he commented about a lack of sleep some days.  I recall that feeling quite vividly even though my kiddos are older and my only sleep issue now is having to wait up for them when they are out!  My son’s flight arrives at 1:15 am next week and I have a meeting later that morning at 7:00 am, but I know how excited I will be when I’m at the airport after midnight waiting for him!

Ultimately, we are all driven not by personal gain but by something much more important.  It may be children, family, significant other, helping people, friends, community or even pets.  Regardless of the particular driver or multiple drivers, THAT is what motivates us to invest ourselves.  And to me, that is the beauty of life-giving of yourself individually without concern for personal gain.

This holiday season, I hope each of you takes the time to reflect on what/who matters most to you.  Please stop, regardless of how long your list of “to-do’s” may be, and let those who matter most to you know that your daily effort is fueled by what they mean to you.  There is never a bad time for you to share that and there’s never a bad time to hear it!  In the hustle and bustle of the airport, goodness knows my hands will be wrapped tightly around my “baby” boy, his sister and my wife next week – even if I’ll need some extra espresso a few hours later!  May your Holiday Season be filled with the joys of sharing your love for others with them!!!

Marcus Perez
EVP, Picis


For our CQI Clients

Have you ever asked “how do I find Procedure codes? Preference Card Codes? Which Procedures are assigned to Preference Cards?”

In order to find the Preference Code for a Case Procedure, go to Case Management and highlight Case.  Choose Finalize Case, and you will see the code next to the Procedure in the lower window with the case details.  In order to find what Preference Card Code is assigned to a case, go to the Scheduling Grid and right click on the Case Block.  Choose Scheduling Details and the Preference Card with Procedure Code will appear.  Finally, go to Edit Preference Cards and enter Preference Card Code in the search window then click search. The application will search for the card.  Double click on the card that you want and when you bring up the card click the Associate Procedures tab to see what Procedures the card is assigned to.

 Contact our support team for more information!

R&D Update

Core Products 8.6


Picis 10

SmarTrack Next

 SmarTrack Next installed at a customer site with tons of improvements!

New Web Platform

Professional Services

Did you know…

In MR 6 we are planning to move drivers into the database! Picis has been working to move everything to the database including configurations files, printouts and drivers!

 Contact our support team for more information!


Innovation Zone

As we embark on a new year, now is a great time to evaluate new ideas and new opportunities.  We want to hear from you about what you’re doing to innovate.  While we love getting emails from you, we want more than that, we want to meet with you at your location and innovate together.  What ideas do you have?  What’s your perspective on our ideas?  We want to collaborate together and get a first-hand perspective on your processes and operation.

 Let us know if you’re interested in a visit, we’d love to get your perspective.

Harris Corporate News

This year Harris hosted their first ever Women In Leadership conference! Attendees focused on pinpointing their leadership style and how they can leverage their strengths to become a more effective leader.

Upcoming Events

Tuesdays with Theresa

Stay tuned for our 2019 webinar schedule! Do you have ideas for topics in 2019? Let Theresa know! (

Save the Dates for 2019!

OR Manager Conference

New Orleans, LA | September 18-20

Anesthesiology Annual Meeting

Orlando, FL | October 19-23

In 2019, we will be moving to quarterly newsletters.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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