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Message from Marcus 


Recently, we began a quarterly session at our Wakefield Office to assist in onboarding new employees.  Our company is growing and as we add additional staff, we want to make sure we are doing a good job helping them truly understand the culture we have worked to establish at Picis over the last 18 months.

As I reflected back on my own experiences since January of 2017, I realized that our progress has been quite accelerated.  I know that the significant work Steve Hammond did immediately after Harris acquired Picis set the stage for my start!  Those first several months post-acquisition must have been extremely challenging, particularly in helping both staff and customers understand the “Acquire and Hold” philosophy at Harris.  My favorite way to describe this approach is the analogy of how you drive a rental car versus how you drive your own car: when you plan to own something forever, you absolutely make different decisions than you do when your plan is much more short term.  Harris will own Picis forever, so those early decisions laid the foundation for our long-term success.

Since January of 2017, we have completely re-organized our teams around growth – from Sales and Marketing to R&D, our goal was to reinvigorate our products based on the needs of our customers.  Investing in the future of the product was not a priority or even a possibility under previous ownership, so we had numerous enhancement requests to sort through, some dating back several years.  The best place to start was to ask our customers questions, listen to their insights and then work to lay out a path from where we were to where we could be.  I’m thrilled to say that Marc Lloses and his team have a clear picture of the future of our core products, as well as the new products we’ve introduced along the way (Envision, Waveforms, Multi-doc Viewer, SmarTrack Next, etc)!!  In the coming month, we will begin sharing roadmaps for all of our products with our customer base.  From there we’ll continue the iterative feedback cycle that we’ve developed since last year.

Picis grew for the first time in the past 8 years in 2017, adding products, customers and employees!  It would be easy to now sit back and relax, congratulating ourselves for these substantial improvements.  I mentioned several months ago that our theme for 2018 is “There’s More”.  That mindset for the year genuinely means that we can’t be satisfied with how far we’ve come.  Our real measuring stick shouldn’t be improvement but excellence.  Yes, excellence is incredibly difficult to define, no less attain.  BUT, if excellence is your goal, the result you achieve can be remarkable!

Scott Thomas and Jay Adams have begun a new process for driving even higher levels of customer satisfaction across our support team.  This approach has several components, all with the goal of raising customer intimacy.  We will be following up each week on successfully closed tickets from the prior week – making sure that we resolved the customer’s issue to their satisfaction.  We are finding new ways to share experiential knowledge and sharpen our collective toolkit.  Our recent NPS score improved by 30% versus the previous survey, yet Scott and Jay are leading their team to another level, striving for excellence!

We have also had numerous smoothly executed projects driven by our Professional Services team.  Even so, Adam Bridge, Bobby Mazzarino and our PS team are engaging in new after-action reviews to share knowledge and new ideas across the team to drive more efficient implementations and upgrades.  It is so commonplace for software projects in Healthcare to have delays and cost overruns; a Google search for “software project issues” could break your laptop!  Adam, Bobby and the team have delivered on time and on-budget consistently for years.  Yet, collectively our PS team will use these new post-project processes to drive for more; for excellence!

We may not always recognize our improvements easily from day to day, but when we take the time to look back, they shine through.  I’m proud of our leaders and the way their teams have engaged in the work each day.  I’m even more proud to share these successes with new staff each quarter during our on-boarding process.  Still, I’m most proud of the way our group isn’t content to settle for short-term growth.  I’m proud of their desire for excellence!

Marcus Perez
EVP, Picis


Did you know?

Version 8.6 MR4 of Picis OR Manager now handles network disconnections.  A message window now allows users to exit OR Manager or wait for the network to reconnect (preserving any edits made).

R&D Update

8.6 versions


Picis 10

OR Manager Next


Professional Services

Did you know?

Seeing something weird in your Forms Builder? Did you know that using a continuous section with “Fixed” can sometimes cause a problem?

Forms Builder issue: Printout doesn’t provide for more than a page of physiological variables

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This summer has been very busy for HealthChecks.  One question that I am often asked is how do HealthChecks work?

If you are interested in a HealthCheck, you can contact your Customer Success Manager or you Customer Support Analyst.  They will contact the Sales Support department to schedule your HealthCheck visit.  The HealthCheck visit is 2 days for OR Manager and SmarTrack while 3 days for multiple modules.  Your CSM or CSA will assist in scheduling a call with Sales Support to deliver the sample agenda along with recommendations on a successful HealthCheck visit.  The agenda is flexible and we encourage you to revise it to fit your schedule.  The facilitator will send out invites to the attendees for their respective session(s).

The Picis Sales Support team will reach out the week before to ensure there are no last minute questions.  Typically the visits are Tuesday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday to allow for the Picis team to travel on Monday and/or Friday.  We meet Tuesday morning and get started.  We like to meet with all the staff that uses the Picis software or any other staff that communicates with the Perioperative department. We ask a lot of questions about processes and how the software is currently being utilized.  We review the build and listen to all pain points.  Usually, there are quick wins on functionality that the staff is not aware of and are easy to demonstrate. The 2-3 days are packed with discussions and recommendations.

After the visit, the Picis team will write up all of the recommendations, implementation plan and return on investment in a report.  The plan typically consists of clean-up, implementing or acquiring interfaces, upgrading (if not already doing so) and implementing any features not previously utilized.  We will schedule a meeting with the hospital executive team to deliver the recommendations and return on investment.

HealthChecks have provided our customers with positive outcomes in streamlining their use of Picis software and processes.

Contact your CSM or CSA to schedule your FREE HealthCheck today!

Innovation Zone

Are you applying an innovative mindset in your daily activities? Does your organization work to drive new innovations? If so, we’d love to hear examples of how innovation has improved the lives of your coworkers, your patients or your processes. Feel free to send an email to if you have ideas, questions or want to share examples of innovation within your organization.

CAB Corner

Now that the summer is sadly coming to end, we plan to have the next CAB (Customer Advisory Board) meeting in September, when the CAB members and Picis staff are back and refreshed from their vacations! At the next CAB meeting, we will be introducing Picis’ new addition to the team, Maria Jaskela. Maria has returned to Picis as the Director of Product Management. She even wrote some of the requirements in the product you have used and loved over the years! During the CAB meeting in September, we will be ranking enhancements, so be on the lookout for the calendar invite!


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