The Picis Line – August 2018

Message from Marcus    Recently, we began a quarterly session at our Wakefield Office to assist in onboarding new employees.  Our company is growing and as we add additional staff, we want to make sure we are doing a good job helping them truly understand the culture we have worked to establish at Picis over […]

The Picis Line – June 2018

Message from Marcus    I have been an avid fitness enthusiast for as long back as I can remember. Perhaps it was the military that forged in me the discipline to go “get a sweat” every day. Or perhaps I just enjoy the mental cleansing that comes with physical exertion. No matter the reason, exercise […]

The Picis Line – May 2018

Message from Marcus  I had an interesting conversation with a staff member at Picis a few days ago. He had a genuine concern about an issue and I could sense he felt quite strongly about it. As I explored the details with him, he was exceptionally reluctant to “throw anyone under the bus”. That phrase […]

The Picis Line – April 2018

Message from Marcus  On a recent visit to our offices in Wakefield, I rang the “Bucket Filler” bell that hangs in our lunch area. I rang it as loudly as I could, hoping someone would ask me why. At first, I was disappointed that no one came by my office or stopped me as I […]

The Picis Line – March 2018

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Picis Team News – March 2018

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